5 startups that have become successful in mobile ecommerce

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5 startups that have become successful in mobile ecommerce


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5 startups that have become successful in mobile ecommerce:

5 startups that have become successful in mobile ecommerce


INTRODUCTION Today 64% of people prefer using their smartphones to use mobile ecommerce app. The reasons being: Easy and convenience Simple and easy payment mode No need to carry cash Checkout without using your credit card Get extra discount using m-payment options


POPULAR TRENDS IN MOBILE COMMERCE Mobile wallets and payments Variety of smartphones Smartphones and m-commerce M-commerce and mobile startups “A study showed that in US smartphone users are spending $90 billion by using mobile payments. Moreover, what in 2014 the global m-commerce revenue was $184 billion has now grown to $669 billion by the year 2018.”

Mobile eCommerce Startups :

Mobile eCommerce Startups Afrimarket is based out in Paris, this app helps you to connect with the African migrant workers in places like Mali and Senegal. The moment you transfer funds, it gets transferred into credits using which they can buy food, medicines and other items. This App for a cause has become quite famous mobile commerce.

Mobile eCommerce Startups :

Mobile eCommerce Startups They started with the name Gradestack and later changed to Gradeup , this startup boasts to have an online learning community. Students can login anytime, read, study and then taken assignments and submit them. The app also gives facility for students to enjoy live study sessions, expert pieces of advice and online mock tests.

Mobile eCommerce Startups :

Mobile eCommerce Startups Aptoide is an UK based company this startup is focused on becoming an alternative of Google Pay. The platform gives you access to more than 500,000 apps and help you download the apps easily. Apart from that, the platform also has a number of latest trending games, access to live streaming and health apps.

Mobile eCommerce Startups :

Mobile eCommerce Startups Farmdrop is based out of London, this startup focuses on food delivery. It connects locally grown fresh food producers with the rest of the market around. Calling itself the ethical grocer, this app is the online farmers’ market to connect with the market around by just sitting at home. Therefore, you will get fresh produce right to your doorstep without any hassle.

Mobile eCommerce Startups :

Mobile eCommerce Startups Wanelo , this smart app hosts the entire mall on your phone. That’s right. In just one click you can access an entire shopping mall through your phone. You can get access to your favorite store without having to travel to your store and make your purchase by using your smartphone. Any particular brand you want or you are looking for? This app claims to have that and more.

Mobile commerce startups focus:

Mobile commerce startups focus Cart abandonment Abandoned cart creates a huge amount of loss that mobile commerce companies suffer silently. Now through different app notification services, they have decided to handle it so that they can reduce the trend. Mobile checkout Many times customers leave at the checkout point just because they find the interface too complicated or find it invading their privacy for asking too many details. Going to the competitors While a  mobile commerce  startup cannot stop an avid online shopper from leaving their app and going to their competitors’ platform, they can at least offer deals that the customer simply cannot refuse.


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