How to skyrocket the sales of your eCommerce ideas

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How to skyrocket the sales of your e-commerce ideas gives you ideas to keep your eCommerce store updated for sales.


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How to skyrocket the sales of your eCommerce ideas?:

How to skyrocket the sales of your eCommerce ideas? Presented by the eCommerce expert


Introduction 2 When you are in eCommerce industry, it’s easy to get caught up on trends and winning products. But it’s important to note that creating a delightful buying experience to audiences can truly skyrocket your sales. Right from site layout and site architecture to database capabilities, every aspect of eCommerce website should be perfect to augment sales and enhance customer experience.

Product & niche selection:

Product & niche selection 3 The rate at which the niche is growing Market size of the niche Intensity of competition Primary and Secondary stakeholders Demographics, age and social details Size of the target group Purchasing power of buyers Policies, regulations and market forces

Backend development:

Backend development 4 Front end website development is usually associated with user experience. Backend website development usually deals in administrator experience. Inventory management module should work on efficient algorithms. It should house a plethora of features – right from warehouse management and multiple shipping integration to accounting and CRM integrations,

Product page optimization:

Product page optimization 5 Hire a professional photographer. Get clean and superior quality product photos. Upload them to your eCommerce site. Product descriptions should be convincing. And yes, they should contain keywords. If you are looking to spruce up your conversions, incorporate video testimonials about your products.


Localization 6 Picture this scenario for a while. Let’s say your store is US-based. According to Google Analytics, your e-store is substantial amounts of internet traffic from India. What’s your next course of action? Localization! You should incorporate a functionality that discerns the audiences’ country. There should be a small notification with this message – Are you from India? Welcome!

Simple & easy checkout:

Simple & easy checkout 7 Provide accurate shipping and tax details. It’s a known fact that bigger and heavier products have high shipping costs. There shouldn’t be any hidden charges. Otherwise, it will be a big turn-off. And yes, there shouldn’t be any forced registration. It’s profoundly annoying. Your eCommerce site’s UX (User Experience) should be such that more than 99% of the work should be done well before the checkout process.

Call-to-action (CTA):

Call-to-action (CTA) 8 A CTA is defined by the following three important features: Placement Purpose Prototype (Design) Examples of commonly used CTAs are: Download Now Refer a Friend Subscribe Now Add to Cart Deliver Here Try it Now Social Media Share Buttons


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