How Virtual reality impacting the eCommerce landscape

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How Virtual reality impacting the eCommerce landscape


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How Virtual reality impacting the eCommerce landscape?:

How Virtual reality impacting the eCommerce landscape?

What is VR?:

What is VR? “Virtual reality – otherwise known as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated reality – combines technology and experience. Design to create completely immersive environments that make users feel like they’ve truly entered simulated environments”.

Essentials of VR:

Virtual Reality e-commerce is a way of creating the same experience when you go to a store for purchasing an item from a heap. VR experience needs a headset which is of the following types: Built-in display headset VR Smartphone, which uses the Google cardboard Essentials of VR

Why VR in eCommerce?:

Why VR in eCommerce? The disadvantage of online shopping is the inability to try out the product before an actual purchase. Virtual reality is trying to eliminate that limitation and wants to give the users the same experience as on a physical store.

What VR can do for shoppers?:

What VR can do for shoppers? Customers are provided 360-degree views with zoom in and out options for various products, consumers appreciate the brilliance of VR. Along with rotating images, video content gives the consumers a better view on their purchase. Shoppers can browse an online store by looking around instead of clicking on links.

Example of VR store :

Example of VR store virtual reality department store  by eBay and Myer. When you enter the store, you’ll be presented with various shopping categories, and you can select departments or products simply by looking at them. The store uses “eBay Sight Search,” a feature that allows you to select items by holding your gaze for a few seconds. The shop also uses an algorithm that shows items based on the products you viewed, so you get personalized recommendations.


The future of eCommerce is VR, the impact will be tremendous with technology advancement!

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