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Best node js ecommerce software for new entrepreneurs who wants to start a multivendor shopping cart


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What type multi vendor business need to start? ANS: eCommerce business ideas ( ) What software platforms I need to use to start the business ? ANS: Genstore ( ) How to build multivendor ecommerce Business?

What are companies Using Node js? :

What are companies Using Node js ? Top tech companies are using it. Some of them are:

Why Genstore? (Advantages of Node.js) :

Why Genstore? (Advantages of Node.js) 1. Genstore is an open source Node.js commerce platform . 2. High scalable robust ecommerce platform . 3. Quality code and detailed documentation. 4. Software builds on MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJs , AngularJs , NodeJs )

Genstore Integrated with Facebook Messenger Bot :

Genstore Integrated with Facebook Messenger Bot $1000 worth Free eCommerce software to startup DOWNLOAD ( )

Key Features of Genstore:

Key Features of Genstore Robust Admin Panel The admin panel is designed dynamic for you to manage everything from the back end. Be it user management , account management , content management - everything is automated to be dynamic . Unique Seller Dashboard Give your sellers a separate dashboard to manage their orders and products. Managing profile, uploading products and its approval status , order and shipping status everything can be managed from this responsive seller dashboard . Dispute management system Handle disputes between users and sellers efficiently in paypal’s way. Raising a dispute - moving it to claim - Admin’s intervention to solve the case is all automated and done exactly how you have on Paypal .


Physical / Digital Product Have two different marketplace niche on a single software. Give your sellers the option to sell both Physical and digital products. According to the type of product , product upload and shipping methods are designed differently . Native Android & iOS App Get an Android and iOS app for your business. Help your users manage everything with just a mobile in hand. Searching through the collections, making an order, tracking an order can all be done with Android & iOS apps . Revenue Channels Genstore offers multiple revenue channels - Commission % against each sale, Seller subscription, Prime delivery options, Banner Ads and much more to generate easy revenues. This Nodejs Marketplace software is Made for You View all features @ shopygen ( )

Simple pricing that fits your business:

Simple pricing that fits your business Genstore Standard Genstore Premium For pricing details just contact us ( )

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