Jason Rozacky - How to Ensure OSHA Regulation Compliance

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Jason Rozacky How to Ensure OSHA Regulation Compliance


Jason Rozacky  is a Director of Security Operations, a Director of Emergency Operations, and the founder of JR Consulting in Boerne, Texas. He works with a variety of clients to provide them with emergency response plans, security advice, law enforcement consultancy, and workplace health regulation recommendations.


Jason Rozacky is an expert in OSHA regulations and regularly works with companies to help them make sure they are compliant. OSHA regulations are designed to ensure employers are providing their employees with a safe work environment.


Here are three tips designed to ensure OSHA regulation compliance:


Companies should create a written policy that outlines a control plan for when any hazardous material, chemicals, or elements are exposed. The first thing that an OSHA auditor will do during an inspection is ask for a control plan that outlines the plan of action in eliminating such danger. Complying with OSHA regulations is easy when corporations and facilities employ a common sense or best practice way of operating. This involves creating regulations for employees to always wear safety equipment such as gloves, helmets, or goggles and defines hygiene expectations and rules in break rooms or other common areas. Lastly, corporations can ensure OSHA compliance by providing their employees with training opportunities that educate them on safety and  health expectations . These training sessions do not need to be complex. They can be made fun and interactive, which enhances the learning experience. The better educated the employees are on how to ensure their safety and health, the easier it is for corporations to comply with OSHA regulations.