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The Personal Selling Process: 

The Personal Selling Process Prospecting And Qualifying Planning The Approach Sales Presentation Negotiating Objections Confirming & Closing Follow Up & Servicing the Account 1 5 6 4 3 2 7

What is prospecting?: 

What is prospecting? PROSPECT - A potential customer that meets the qualification criteria established by your company. PROSPECTING - Identifying potential customers.

Why is prospecting important?: 

Why is prospecting important? Attrition due to: Customers lost to competitors Customers move out of the territory Customers die or go out of business Need ceases Not a repeat business situation Mergers & acquisitions For growth

How do you prospect?: 

How do you prospect? Obtain leads People who could seemingly benefit from your product or service Name, phone number and address Qualify them Do they meet your qualifying criteria?


Lead Qualify Prospect Sell Customer Build relationship Partner The Process from Lead to Partner

Characteristics of a good prospect: 

Characteristics of a good prospect Authority to buy “Whose approval is needed for the purchase?” “Who exerts influence?” Need or want Approachability Money to buy Eligible to buy

Sources for Obtaining Leads: 

Sources for Obtaining Leads Satisfied customers Endless chain Center of influence Networking Promotional activities Advertising, contests, free giveaways Lists & directories Effort v. Non-effort

Sources for Obtaining Leads: 

Sources for Obtaining Leads Canvassing Spotters Bartenders, hairstylists, cab drivers, doormen Telemarketing Sales letters Observation Press Public records

Keys to successful prospecting: 

Keys to successful prospecting Classify prospects Customer type, geography, size, potential Have a prospecting plan maintain prospecting records What info should you keep? establish quotas evaluate performance Try new methods Follow through