Best MP4 to DVD Burner, Convert MP4 to DVD Easily

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How to convert MP4 to DVD? This article will show you in details on converting MP4 to DVD


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How to Burn MP4 to DVD:

How to Burn MP4 to DVD

Best MP4 to DVD Converter:

Best MP4 to DVD Converter MP4 is the most common video format in the digital world. It is widely supported by all devices. Sometimes, we may get some classic movies in MP4 format and want to back up in DVD so that we can enjoy them on TV via DVD Player. In this case a MP4 to DVD Converter is needed.

iOrgsoft DVD Maker, ideal MP4 to DVD Burner:

iOrgsoft DVD Maker , ideal MP4 to DVD Burner To conver t to DVD, iOrgsoft DVD Maker is a good choice to you. It can help you convert your collected MP4 movies to DVD with high output video quality. In addition, this program is very easy to use, you can handle it with ease even you do not know anything about burning MP4 to DVD . Fast conversion speed is offered as well.

Step-by-step Guide to burning MP4 to DVD :

Step-by-step Guide to burning MP4 to DVD Guide

Step 1: Add MP4 to the program:

Step 1: Add MP4 to the program Run the MP4 to DVD Converter, click the plus icon to import your MP4 movies to the program. You are allowed to add multiple MP4 videos to the Converter at one go. Remember to note the capacity of the DVD disc you are using.



Step 2: Customize DVD:

Step 2: Customize DVD Next , move you mouse to the right panel, here you can add DVD menu, backgroung music, image to your DVD movie, set button style, frame, etc. to customize DVD.



Step 3. Burn MP4 to DVD:

Step 3. Burn MP4 to DVD At last, click the Burn button to convert MP4 videos to DVD . next, you will be asked to set DVD format, aspect ratio, etc. finish them and hit OK to proceed. Soon, you will get your DVD movies.

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