Do Brain Games Really Help the Aging Brain

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In childhood, some of our favorite games were jump rope and hopscotch, details are here


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Do Brain Games Really Help The Aging Brain


In childhood, some of our favorite games were jump rope and hopscotch. These days, you and the seniors in your care may not be up to such bouncy play, but that doesn't mean that anyone has outgrown the need for games. Not only are games fun, but they might also keep our brains sharp.

Games for Healthy Brain :

Games for Healthy Brain Many seniors worry about losing brainpower as they age, but regular game play may be an easy way to counter that concern. Many games require players to use their critical-thinking and decision-making abilities, which keeps these skills active. In fact, studies have even shown that people who keep their brains and bodies active with just once-a-week stimulation can lower their dementia risk by 7 percent, and those who participate in such activities even more frequently could lower their risk by over 60 percent.


Many types of games can be stimulating for seniors' brains, but the following suggestions can get you started: Word searches Crossword puzzles Online games designed with seniors in mind. Board games, especially those that require critical-thinking or language skills Video games

More than Games:

More than Games Now, the science on maintaining brain health isn't entirely clear. While some researchers postulate that playing games keeps ours brains sharp, others are concerned that gaming only helps us refine the specific tasks called for in that game, but don't help with overall brain wellness. Unfortunately, this debate probably won't be settled anytime soon, but since playing games certainly isn't going to dull anyone's thinking skills, you'd might as well err on the side of caution and keep playing games with the seniors in your care. Just don't rely on that as the only thing you do to keep their brains sharp.


In addition to playing games, here are some more activities to promote well-rounded brain fitness: Take a walk or engage in other physical fitness activities. Eat a well-balanced diet, based on whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Maintain relationships. Spend time with friends, family and community members. Keep in mind, these aren't stand-alone tips. For the best results, seniors should exercise, eat well, spend time with others and play games. And great news: Each time you and a senior play games together, you're checking two of the items off that list!

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