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Book on scrum project management.


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A book on Scrum Project Management 1 Website: Contact details: (336) 484-1528 1211 Heath Church Road Lexington, NC 27292


A review on this book… This is a great book for both scrum and non-scrum project management organizations. Illustrations of scrum principles were explained using traditional waterfall terminologies like work break down structure to create backlogs. The book emphasis the fact that scrum approach can be used beyond software development and explain in detail how it covers all aspects of entire life cycle of the project. The Scrum Project Management book extents it scrum principles beyond software to other areas like school administration, education etc. Book recommends a hybrid of waterfall and scrum approach for successful delivery of projects and help organizations to customize an approach that will satisfy industry specific standards. Scrum Project Management book also covers some interesting variations such as how to use Scrum in a department that uses Waterfall and when not to use Scrum. It compares Scrum to Six Sigma and how to implement Scrum in several diverse industry's. It is an easy read and helpful for someone trying to get a Scrum team working. For more information, visit: 2

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Book Summary 3 Originally created for agile software development, scrum provides project managers with the flexibility needed to meet ever-changing consumer demands. Presenting a modified version of the agile software development framework, Scrum Project Management introduces Scrum basics and explains how to apply this adaptive technique to effectively manage a wide range of programs and complex projects. The book provides proven planning methods for controlling project scope and ensuring your project stays on schedule. It includes Scrum tracking methods to help your team maintain a focus on improving throughput and streamlining communications. It also demonstrates how to: Combine traditional project management methods with Scrum Adapt the familiar work breakdown structure to create Scrum backlogs and sprints Use a "Scrum of Scrums" to manage programs Apply earned value management, critical path, and PERT in the context of Scrum For more information, visit:

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