Dr. Jack Kavanaugh -Famous Ophthalmologist and Dentist


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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh has acquired considerable experience as both a dentist and an ophthalmologist treating pediatric and adult patients in California.


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Jack Kavanaugh

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 Jack Kavanaugh is one of the successful business executives in the United States who has done impressive work in the medical field with the help of his business skills.  Jack took advantage of his medical and business educational background and focused on the medical and biotechnology sectors.  In 2008 Jack founded ZetaRx Biosciences Inc. which developed immunotherapy techniques for the treatment of cancer.  Jack Kavanaugh is also the Co-founder and Chairman of Nanotech Energy Inc. It produces microscopic supercapacitors for smartphones and biomedical devices. The company raised 3 million in investment funding.  A health care service provider company named Amerident was founded in 1996 by Mr. Kavanaugh. He grew this company from one employee to approximately 600 employees. His company has also received 30 community service awards and a state congressional medal of honor for its work.  Jack has done a lot of improvisations in every company and led them to the path of success with the help of his skills and knowledge. Jack Kavanaugh – The Business Executive with an Impressive Array of Achievements

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Experience  Chairman Board Member Orbsen Therapeutics Limited  Founder Chairman CEO Director Nanotech Energy Inc.  Founder Chairman CEO Director SuperMetalix Inc.  Chairman RiverRock Films LLC  Director Materia  Founder Chairman Director Novonco Therapeutics Inc.  Founder Chairman CEO Director Consultant ZetaRx  Board Member Chairman Calhoun Vision Inc.

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M.D. DDS MBA Chairman CEO Dr. Jack Kavanaugh M.D. DDS MBA serves as Managing Member of General Partner Multiverse Investment Fund I LP at Multiverse Investment Fund. He also serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nanotech Energy Inc. Dr. Kavanaugh is a Co-founder of Black Light Surgical Inc. Fortem Neuroscience Inc. Hydrophilix Inc. Nanotech Energy Inc LonglifeRx Inc SuperMetalix Inc and Novonco Theraputics Inc. Jack Kavanaugh

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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh – Career Dr. Jack Kavanaugh prepared his career in healthcare after earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Los Angeles UCLA. Dr. Kavanaugh enrolled at the UCLA School of Dentistry where he focused his studies on general and reconstructive dental medicine as well as gnathology.

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12100 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles Colorado 90025 United States Contact Details

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