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Jack Kavanaugh has made huge contributions in both the health and business sectors even after knowing the fact that these two fields are very difficult to be handled together. Jack is using his expertise for the development in both the medical field and business sector. He has set high standards for the companies he has worked in with the help of his passion, dedication, and knowledge.


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Jack Kavanaugh :

Jack Kavanaugh Founder, Chairman, CEO, Director

Jack Kavanaugh’s full profile M.D., DDS, MBA :

Jack Kavanaugh’s full profile M.D ., DDS, MBA Dr. Jack Kavanaugh has acquired considerable experience as both a dentist and an ophthalmologist treating pediatric and adult patients in California. Dr. Jack Kavanaugh plays a key role in the continued growth of a biotechnology company creating new methods to simplify the removal of ocular cataracts. Dr. Kavanaugh’s background as a physician and a business executive has led to the development of an unusual skill set . Dr. Kavanaugh has developed and managed companies at every stage – from inception to successful sale – creating industry-leading products and investor profits . Among Dr. Kavanaugh’s business accomplishments: As CEO and Chairman of ZetaRx Biosciences, Inc, he successfully combined the intellectual property from three globally-recognized health care and research institutions, assembled a highly respected management team, and lead the development of the FDA clinical trial strategy.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh-Profile:

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh- Profile Dr. Jack Kavanaugh, M.D., DDS, MBA serves as Managing Member of General Partner, Multiverse Investment Fund I, LP at Multiverse Investment Fund . Dr. Kavanaugh is especially proud that the companies he has led have made a significant positive impact on society and the welfare of people everywhere.

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Jack Kavanaugh CEO & Chairman Jack Kavanaugh prepared his career in healthcare after earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA ). Dr . Kavanaugh along with two leading oncologists in 2008 founded ZetaRx Biosciences, Inc . Dr. Kavanaugh was CEO and Chairman of the company until June, 2012 and continued as an active consultant to the Board . Dr Kavanaugh served as Chairman and CEO of Amerident, a health care service provider which he founded in 1996, grew organically from 1 to approximately 600 employees and sold at a significant multiple of invested capital to a public company approximately two and a half years from inception, in 1999. Amerident received over 30 community service awards and a state congressional medal of honor for its work with infants . Dr . Jack Kavanaugh went on to lead fundraising for the company as it commercialized Grubbs’ technology to produce state-of-the art resins and metathesis catalysts.    

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh - Career :

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh - Career Dr. Jack Kavanaugh prepared his career in healthcare after earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Kavanaugh enrolled at the UCLA School of Dentistry, where he focused his studies on general and reconstructive dental medicine as well as gnathology .


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