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Jack Kavanaugh holds DDS, MBA and BA degrees from UCLA, an MD degree from USC. He has focused on the health and science technology sector. His background as a physician and business executive has led to the development Kavanaugh has also helped in the commercialization of Calhoun Vision to create next-generation medical treatment equipment.


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Jack Kavanaugh MD MBA Chairman Acting CEO

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Jack Kavanaugh CEO Chairman of the board Co-founder 1. MD MBA ● Chairman Acting CEO ● Financial and Business Analyst ● StrategyConsultantInvestor 2. Jack Kavanaugh is one of successful Business leader and doctor in medical and science technology companies. He has been a member or chairman of the board of directors in numerous science technology companies. 3. Dr. Kavanaugh has served as CEO and Chairman at a number of technology-driven startups. Dr. Jack Kavanaugh is also a member of the board of Materia a company that holds more than 300 patents and is instrumentalintheproductionofover100pharmaceuticalproducts. 4. In 1996 Dr. Kavanaugh founded Amerident a health care service providerservingasChairmanandCEO.

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Dr Jack Kavanaugh’s Business Accomplishments As a successful businessman Dr. Jack Kavanaugh has this unique skill set in the development of different businesses. He has worked with Calhoun Vision Company and with his vigilantapproachasaphysicianhe has created the next-generation medical treatmentequipment. The journey of Dr. Jack as an Ophthalmologistandadentistisquite interesting. But another attention- grabbing fact about him is that he is also a successful entrepreneur. He has worked with numerous commercialize technologies over the periodofhiscareer. Dr. Jack Kavanaugh – A Versatile Personality

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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh In 2008 Dr. Kavanaugh founded ZetaRx Biosciences Inc. a company at the leading edge of immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. He held both CEO and Chairman posts until June 2012 but remained a consultant to the Board. In late 2013 ZetaRx was sold and became the core component of Juno Therapeutics. In 2014 Juno was the largest biotechIPOoftheyearandreached amarketcapof5.5billion. More details please visit:- https://www.youtube.com/watchvR9 KbO1uE3sY

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12100 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles Colorado 90025 United States Contact Details Jack Kavanaugh is a noted doctor and business leader in the biotechnology and medical world.

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