Dr. Jack Kavanaugh


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Dr. Kavanaugh’s background as a physician and a business executive has led to the development of an unusual skill set.


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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh:

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh Chairman & CEO, Nanotech Energy Inc

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As his career progressed, Kavanaugh as Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board, has provided assistance in the commercialization of numerous health constrained and other technologies and has formed and led companies like Calhoun Vision for the formation of next-generation medical treatments.

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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh distinctive career began by being a highly prosperous dentist. He, unfortunately, met with a major skiing accident in which he broke his neck and shattered his leg due to which he was unable to practice dentistry again. From this decisive moment, from U.C.L.A., Kavanaugh earned his M.B.A. and went ahead with being vocational in mergers and acquisitions with a previous partner who once headed as a managing director/senior partner at McKenzie International . In 1984, they formed a management and M.B.A. consulting firm - International Strategy Consulting Group.

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As with the time passage, his career changed into private equity, at the same time he returned to medical schooling - U.S.C. and earned his M.D. degree along with the accomplishment at U.C.L.A’s Jules Stein Institute for his surgical residency. He remained at U.C.L.A. until 2008 as a part-time visiting professor and taught eye surgery to residents and fellows. Dr. Jack Kavanaugh established a healthcare service provider - Amerident , during the initial year of his residency, which received honor with over 30 community service awards and was even honored with a state congressional medal for its work with infants. At the time of his Chairman and CEO occupancy, he elevated the workforce to hundreds; in 1999 he ultimately sold the company and inaugurated a computer support and hosting company - Tech Team where he served as a Chairman and CEO, then sold it during the last month of his residency.

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Dr. Jack kavanaugh is a famous name in medical and biotech companies.

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