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Dr.Jack Kavanaugh has helped commercialize several technologies and served as a board member for Materia, Inc.


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Jack Kavanaugh CEO Nanotech Energy Inc

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About Me.. Jack Kavanaugh is one of successful Business leader and doctor in medical and science technology companies. He has been a member or chairman of the board of directors in numerous science technology companies. Dr. Jack Kavanaugh was a Board Certified eye surgeon having done his residency at UCLA’s Jules Stein Institute where he was a part time visiting professor until 2008 teaching surgery to residents and fellows. He has developed and managed companies at every stage – from inception to successful sale.

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Dr. Jack Kavanaugh began his distinctive career as a highly successful dentist.

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Dr. Jack Personal Profile

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“ Dr. Jack Kavanaugh’s background as a physician and a business executive has led to the development of an unusual skill set.

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Jack Kavanaugh Achievements Nanotech Energy Inc. Co-founded by Dr. Jack Kavanaugh has exclusively licensed from UCLA leading super battery and supercapacitor intellectual property that has been applied to the development of energy storage and delivery devices that can store and deliver energy at significantly higher rates than todays batteries and can significantly affect the world of energy storage and delivery.

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SuperMetalix Inc. Co-founded by Dr. Jack Kavanaugh has exclusively licensed from UCLA leading super hard metal intellectual property which is being applied to development of multiple applications currently addressed by the 22 billion per year and growing at a 10 annual compounded rate carbide industry.

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Novonco Therapeutics Inc. A clinical stage company was founded by Dr. Jack Kavanaugh Dr. Larry Overman University of California Irvine and Dr. David Horne City of Hope. Novonco has developed 3 distinct therapeutics and separate platforms each having multiple different cancer targets. Its first platform is already in US FDA human trials being conducted at City of Hope for ovarian and breast cancer.

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ZetaRx Biosciences Inc. Dr. Kavanaugh along with two leading oncologists in 2008 founded ZetaRx Biosciences Inc. Dr. Kavanaugh successfully combined exclusive technological licensing from top health care and research institutions to place ZetaRx at the leading edge of immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer he assembled a well-seasoned team and guided the clinical strategy.

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THANKS You can find me at

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