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I provide income tax services for single tax filers, families and sole proprietors in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as virtually. With the aid of encrypted share filing programs, I am able to offer services both locally and virtually.


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JKM Bookkeeping Services Tax Preparation TAX PREPARATION I provide income tax services for single tax filers families and sole proprietors in Saskatoon Saskatchewan as virtually.  With the aid of encrypted share filing programs I am able to oer services both locally and virtually. I specialize in oering economical Tax Filing services to small to medium startup or exclusive owner of a business a sole proprietor who is admiring for a professional financial solution. When I say “a professional financial solution” I mean preparing error-free financial reports for you or your company by looking aer your expenses. I will keep your tax filings up to date in short I’ll take care of your business by ensuring your books are current and taxes filed on time. Financial and Business Consulting Services I am dedicated to providing financial and business consulting services. I provide expert advice to business owners managers non profit board of governors and other financial consultants to help them achieve their objectives. I provide in-depth guidance as well as insightful details so managers and board of directors can make informed and sensible business decisions. Experience I have worked for various clients and sectors such as real estate agents construction sole proprietors and non- profits. I will help you in keeping the record of your finances by saving your money on both income taxes – Personal and Corporate. I am capable and experienced to manage even most of the complex financial work of your business very eiciently and honestly. Please call me to know more about Tax Filing services at 306-270-6753 send me a text or email Let’s connect and get started on our relationship now. 

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USEFUL LINKS Home  Services  Schedule A Call  faqs  Blog Mask  Privacy Policy  Sitemap  Why use my services  RECENT POSTS Saskatoon SK S7H 3T7 Monday 9:00-4:00pm Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 4:00-7:00pm Friday 9:00-4:00pm Phone : 306-270-6753

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