Definite & Indefinite Articles Powerpoint (MS Standard 4a5)

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1 Definite and Indefinite Articles


Objectives 4a5 - Articles LS1 WS2

The indefinite article:

The indefinite article A, an, some The indefinite article is a RESTRICTIVE adjective. The indefinite article is typically used in Spanish when it is used in English . 3

The indefinite article:

The indefinite article English definite article “a” “an” Refers to any person, place, or thing, not a specific one. i.e., a girl, a school .

Indefinite Articles:

Indefinite Articles Use when talking about any one or anything . a pencil a student a book a boy some girls some desks 5

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6 EXAMPLES: Paco has a pencil . Marta is reading a book . I need some desks .

The definite article:

The definite article The The definite article is a RESTRICTIVE adjective . The definite article is used more in Spanish than in English. 7

The definite article:

The definite article English definite article is “the” It is called definite article because it is used to refer to a specific person, place, or thing i.e., the girl next door, the school , etc

Definite Articles:

Definite Articles When talking about a specific or DEFINITE person or thing . the pencil the student the book the boy the girls the desks 9