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If your business operates internationally in today’s global economy you probably rely on multimedia localization to remain competitive. The challenges of producing top-notch content then translating it for audio video and multimedia require a complex set of capabilities. Multimedia production means piecing together the latest technologies production skills and expert native translators and talent under close supervision. Translation is just the first step in preparing localized materials for their target markets. Take a look at the services and benefits available to help you reach out to the global marketplace.

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Translating subtle corporate values like image branding and style requires a specialized set of skills. Choose a fully equipped studio with a deep roster of fluent native speakers as translators and voice-over talent as well as engineering and production experts. Green screen video production with JBI Studios offers a cost-effective way to create versions of your content in multiple languages using inexpensive stock backgrounds all executed in one location in one day.

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Localization for webinars marketing content or audio-video description becomes challenging when you are tasked with providing a completely developed final product. Audio dubbing or video translation for multimedia projects goes far beyond initial translation. Many LSPs rely on a studio that can provide one or all required services from content writers to filmmakers to render the final product while blending in local idioms and tone.

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Movie dubbing raises the bar in multimedia localization. On-screen talent needs the language sensitivity that is only possible with professional native speakers. At the same time they must project a creative level of interpretation that respects the feeling and intent of the original. Video games need an extraordinary grasp of story interactive gamification and advanced production technologies. The right multimedia localization service might be subtitling or dubbing lip-sync or off-screen voice-over.

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eLearning products are in ever greater demand among expanding global markets. This means a rich opportunity for gaining new audiences with existing content. If training material and other eLearning products are going to achieve results in multiple languages the localization process needs more than straight translation. Choose from voice video dubbing subtitling animation services or all of the above. Transcreation offers the greatest impact for complex projects needing changes in syntax timing and more to achieve authentic cultural immersion.

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Content for medical and life sciences as well as for pharmaceutical companies is often highly detailed and lengthy totaling thousands of words to document regulatory compliance in one project. The need for scrupulous accuracy in translation is obvious with consequences to life health and safety at stake. Services from voice-over for audio and video to multimedia must use correct medical terms abbreviations acronyms or measurements. Choose a studio that offers specialized medical experts on board who have native fluency in multiple languages.

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Audio and video localization services are essential for governmental agencies public institutions and nonprofits that operate in a multitude of diverse markets around the world. Accurate culturally sensitive translations are fundamental to successful functioning day to day and beyond that to reflect awareness and concern for the target market. Multimedia services should be prescreened for certification by the U.S. Federal Government’s Central Contractor Registration database and for registration as a vendor of the United Nations Global Marketplace.

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Multimedia localization is complex and demanding. It pays to identify a production house that is adept at communicating with clients while closely supervising each step of the project. Ask for a dedicated project manager who will follow your work from start to finish. This person should ensure consistent adherence to your standards and work to seamlessly integrate the multiple components including language skills voice talent production and technology.

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Since 1977 JBI Studios has been an industry leader in foreign language audio and video services for the entertainment industry as well as for corporate and institutional clients. Offering professional multimedia translation and localization transcreation dubbing subtitling narration and production to multiple industries they continue to be the leaders in their field. Website: Phone: 818 592-0056

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