Can Subtitles Be Used to Learn a New Language?

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For years, subtitles have allowed people from all over the world to enjoy movies and shows they otherwise wouldn’t be able to understand. Subtitles also are known to encourage the learning of another language. Watching a movie or TV show makes the learning process enjoyable and interactive. With a little patience, it is possible to learn vocabulary, pronunciation, and intonation. You’ll be quoting your favorite movie lines in another language in no time. For more information, please visit


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STUDYING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE It’s no secret that studying a new language can be tedious. Textbooks are sometimes dry and don’t fully immerse you in the language. Movies and TV shows on the other hand are designed to stimulate and entertain you. On the following slides we’ll discuss how watching movies and TV shows with subtitles can be a part of the language learning experience.

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SUBTITLES GIVE EXPOSURE TO A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Research has concluded that subtitles can help with expanding your knowledge of a foreign language. This is especially true for movies and TV shows that you watch over and over again. Watching a movie with subtitles allows you three types of exposure: hearing reading and seeing the language in action through body language and movement.

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When you’ve already seen a movie or TV show you are less tempted to get lost in the story allowing you to focus on the language. Watching your favorite movie or TV show with subtitles can also help mitigate feelings of frustration that come with not being successful at something new right away. It is best to watch the movie in a foreign language with the subtitles playing in that same language. If you’re not ready to watch the movie with the subtitles in the foreign language you can turn them on in your native language to get the gist of what is being said. WATCH A FAMILIAR MOVIE OR TV SHOW

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DON ’T GET OVERWHELMED The learning process takes time and rather than going through the entire movie or TV show it helps to only watch short segments at a time—preferably where there are only one or two characters on-screen. Since there are many ways to say the same words in any given language this will help minimize the exposure to variations in pronunciation and intonation.

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Watching an entire movie or TV show in one sitting won’t make you fluent. You’ll often find that it is beneficial to watch a scene pause it repeat it and do this process several times to truly absorb the translations and the pronunciation. The best way to learn is to actually talk to your TV. Don’t worry nobody is watching Practice playing the role of a character while speaking their lines out loud and practicing the pronunciation. REPETITION IS KEY

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A huge plus of watching movie and TV show subtitles is that they expose viewers to a part of the language that is often not included in textbooks such as slang or popular idioms. When you spend time learning only basic grammar and spelling you aren’t learning how people really speak in casual conversation. Real conversation often includes more slang or local colloquialisms than you probably realize LEARNING SLANG

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If you have a friend that wants to learn another language with you he or she can add another level of fun and interactivity. You can play back a scene multiple times try out various characters and situations and test your accent and pronunciation. This also offers an opportunity to test each other on vocabulary as you learn the translations of new words. MAKE IT FUN

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High quality subtitles can make media accessible to anyone. This includes almost anything you can imagine: marketing materials movies TV shows video games apps and online content. Without subtitles a good chunk of the world would not have access to the same media we know and enjoy. SUBTITLES PROVIDE A VITAL SERVICE

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