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Presentation Description | Reaching international markets involves many considerations and strategic planning, but execution is made simple through the use of a localization company. Once the message to be shared is clear, the scheduling and production of translated projects is taken care of behind the scenes and a complete package is delivered. These experts use local talent, ensuring messages are relayed accurately.


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I N T E R N A T I O N A L M A R K E T S Businesses recognize that most of the world’s consumers do not live in the U.S. and to reach the next level of marketability it’s necessary to reach international and non-English speaking markets. The challenge is getting the right content to the right market and presenting the content in the local language.

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T R A N S L A T I O N S E R V I C E S Reaching international markets requires translation and localization services. This allows for receipt of messages in local languages and with the original spirit of the message intact. When a consumer knows they are the intended audience of a message the likelihood of a transaction and growth of consumer loyalty increase.

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T H I N G S T O C O N S I D E R • What markets should be reached • What are the demographics • What languages are spoken in those markets • What content is pertinent to other countries and cultures

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A D O P T A M S E O S T R A T E G Y It’s hard to reach a global consumer if the message can’t be found. Multilingual SEO can change this however it’s more complex than simply translating and placing English keywords into foreign language text. Effective multilingual SEO content is about understanding what searchers type which requires local editors and translators.

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C O N S U M E R E N G A G E M E N T Despite how large an audience is only a fraction of them positively contribute to brand marketing. These people actively read share and discuss content and spread messages through word of mouth. Translating and localizing increases the potential for entry of new members to a loyal fan-base. These fans are needed to compete in a digital and global world.

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W E B S I T E T R A N S L A T I O N An obvious place to start is translating website content including text and video translation. Translating information about the company product or service demonstrations and contact information for potential customers requires planning and a strategic approach that addresses not only presentation language but cultural differences in each target market. Localizing enables a company to be both multilingual and sensitive to other cultural conventions.

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M E S S A G E T R A N S L A T I O N You can translate all text and audio-visual material imaginable including: • Press releases • Seminars • Product packaging • Documents • Advertisements • Marketing material • eLearning video

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S O C I A L M E D I A Creating localized social media personas and pages when you have – or are trying to obtain – an international audience is ever so important in today’s digital age. Regional and local social media is about bringing your message close to home.

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Based in Los Angeles California JBI Studios is a leading provider of foreign language multimedia services and provides high-quality professional audio and video services using 1200 voices in over 80 languages. JBI Studios helps clients voice and communicate messages in a consistent way and they offer creative and personalized solutions to help clients achieve their goals. For more information : 818 592-0056

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