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Presentation Description |A global marketing campaign should convey powerful messages that resonate with viewers in diverse cultures and languages. An accurate translation is not enough. Learn what is different about multimedia transcreation and how localization services help your products connect with audiences around the globe.


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Benefits of Multimedia Transcreation How Can I Use It and What Is It Anyway

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Multimedia Marketing for a Global Economy • Carefully crafted marketing localization opens the door to buyers in different locations around the world. A global campaign is tasked with conveying powerful messages that resonate on a personal level—easier said than done. • Transcreation is a highly skilled step that brings translation to the next level recreating original content in a localized culturally relevant way when straight translation cannot fully convey the intended meaning. • Transcreation is a more direct transfer of information from one language to another with a focus on maintaining a similar tone and style to the original. Translators draw on specialized knowledge to adapt to local idioms slang and cultural sensitivities.

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Multimedia and Transcreation Benefits • Multimedia production is less costly and easier to produce than ever before. High impact video voice and animation are now easily distributed to your target users. • Audio video and multimedia localization for additional languages is a complex process including elements like content voice-over graphics and documentation. Linguists who specialize in transcreation go a step further and recreate the “story” in a new context. • Transcreation is often the best choice for multimedia projects allowing for complexities of adapting content to the target locale with different themes while conveying the original intent. Content is adjusted to local customs while perfectly blending tone pacing and local idioms in the final product.

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E-Learning and Transcreation • eLearning audio and video products rely on expert services to render training and learning material effectively in target languages. • Experienced providers like JBI Studios are essential in adapting messages through transcreation. Video in particular is a delicate process. It demands that audio is perfectly timed to synch with visuals. • The end translation will be affected accordingly requiring changes in syntax gender and length to seamlessly blend the many elements required such as voice-over dubbing subtitles and more.

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When Good Translation Goes Bad • Examples of misfired well-intentioned marketing slogans are plentiful. Some of the best—or worst—come from introductions to China’s massive market where language and culture are as far from Western norms as possible. • A favorite marketing horror story dates to the late 1980s when KFC introduced their “finger- lickin’ good” chicken with a translated message that suggested customers “eat your fingers off.” Eventually KFC recovered from this stumble but not without significant loss of revenue and lingering damage to their image. • Marketers and training professionals must be hyper-sensitive to cultural differences and nuances of communication and adapt campaigns and learning materials accordingly. Transcreation could have led KFC to develop a new locally relevant campaign saving lost revenues and advancing their presence in China more quickly.

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When Should You Use Green Screen Transcreation • When is green screen the right choice Given the higher cost it pays to think carefully about your budget. Does your video need to create a world that invites the audience in • If the video needs to be culturally immersive placing characters in authentic surroundings and seeing them interact then transcreation will be crucial to engaging your audience. • Besides traditional methods can add up too if you layer on enough of them to achieve a comparable impact.

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How to Achieve High Quality Multimedia with Transcreation Multimedia development and transcreation each require highly specialized talents and skills. Choose a service with deep experience integrating both sides for maximum impact. Look for a provider that can: • Integrate their services with your current LSP language service provider. • Deliver expert fluent native speaking talent as well as voice-over directors. • Strictly adhere to consistent script formatting and language standards. • Deliver a full complement of engineers and staff adept with state-of-the-art technology for fast turnaround of high quality production.

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Transcreation vs. Translation • Often it is not enough to simply provide an accurate translation. Creative translation—or transcreation—must achieve the same goals as the original material in order to do the job. Messages should resonate with the new market and convey the original intent. • Videos for eLearning marketing or other needs can be localized using traditional translation methods like subtitles dubbing and voice replacement. In some situations though it is best to step it up a notch to green screen transcreation. • Working with an experienced provider like JBI Studios you can achieve the highest quality outcome and gain cost- saving tips like changing out only selected shots from the original video for localization.

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Since 1977 JBI Studios has been an industry leader in foreign language audio and video services for the entertainment industry as well as for corporate clients. Offering professional multimedia transcreation dubbing subtitling narration and production to the entertainment industry they continue to be the leaders in their field. For more information on our services please visit us at: or call 818 592-0056.

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