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Superior Services With JBI Studios:

Superior Services With JBI Studios Foreign Language Experts – Voiceover, Dubbing, and Subtitles

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If you are looking for a full range audio, video and multimedia studio specializing in foreign languages you’ve come to the right place. With more than 15 years in the business and over 1,200 female and male foreign voices, JBI Studios will be able to create something amazing for your production. On the next few pages, we will explore the wide variety of services that JBI Studios can perform for your project in over 80 different languages. English Polish Hebrew Mandarin Thai Farsi Zulu Spanish Icelandic Indonesian Japanese Afrikaans Somali Korean Yiddish French Urdu Cambodian Wu Hindi

Foreign Language Voiceover:

Foreign Language Voiceover JBI Studios started it all with foreign language consulting in 1976, their experience and knowledgeable service is unbeatable. Narration, phone apps, educational, new media, e-learning, Power Point, documentaries, movie trailers, commercials, or audio books, no matter what you need, audio recording by their team can expertly deliver a great product. Have your production speak globally with professional voice recording.

Lip Sync Dubbing:

Lip Sync Dubbing For movies to really succeed they need foreign distribution and each territory needs to have the film in their language. With over 100 feature films in multiple languages under JBI’s belt they have a streamlined process that will provide a consistent high quality product. Their voice talent, language directors, script translators, and sound engineers are the best in the business.


In regards to subtitle output types there are three main ones: video file, DVD, and text, all with time code information. The experts at JBI Studios can deliver subtitles in any language and can even help you establish which output type your specific project needs. Unicode, Asian, Roman, and Middle Eastern text are available, which can run either from left to right or right to left. Me encanta el mar, y t ú. Subtitling

Multilingual Video Production :

Multilingual Video Production Since the costs of video production have gone down, it has opened the door for many types of projects: harassment education, training videos, and other topics that are more effective when shown to your audience. Be able to show your employees, or clients exactly what you need - in multiple languages. With an in-house facility and a large voice actor pool, JBI Studios can produce a stunning video at a very affordable price.

Translated Video Editing :

Translated Video Editing To be able to compete in this fast-paced new media world, recording studios and localization companies need to keep up with the technology. JBI Studios recognizes that this new environment is very important to all businesses, which is why they provide everything needed to stay on the cutting edge. They supply numerous codecs, formats, tapes, and standards so that your company is a step above the rest.

Cost-effective Voiceover Solutions:

Cost-effective Voiceover Solutions The corporate market is shifting to using multimedia localization for their internal use and that doesn’t always come cheap. JBI Studios is the perfect resource for localizing a company’s internal audio/visual content – with high quality results and affordable prices. For larger scopes, JBI Studios offers human-sounding generated voices (TTS) as the most cost-effective solution.

Multimedia Localization :

Multimedia Localization Specializing in foreign languages has been JBI Studios’ passion for the past 15 years. Their expertise can be used for a wide range of corporate multimedia content. From intricate Flash animation to straightforward voiceovers, they offer professional localization services for anything from marketing to internal training.

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(818) 592-0056   In the beginning, JBI Studios focused on consulting and translating for corporate marketing content. More than 15 years later they are a full-service foreign language audio/visual studio – providing high quality results, affordable prices and expert customer service.

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