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1. Train to Be a Security Guard Online. 2. What are the Duties of a Special Events Security Guard?


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Easy To Understand Security Guard Training

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Train to Be a Security Guard Online • One of the first things you’ll learn during your online security guard training is the power to arrest. This course will teach you when you do and don’t have the right to arrest someone and how to properly restrain a person until the police arrive on the scene. This is extremely important because you may have to physically detain a person for an extended period of time and if the criminal has a weapon you need to know how to keep yourself and the people on the premises safe while doing your job. You’ll also learn laws as it pertains to properly and people so you can properly guard the premises you’re in charge of. In most cases you’ll need to take this class which is worth eight credit hours before you’re able to work as a security job. • After this initial course you’ll need to take 16 hours’ worth of class credits within a month of being hired in most instances. Within six months of being on the job you’ll need to take another 16 hours of credit for further certification. These classes include training on weapons of mass destruction and you’ll learn how to recognize and prevent possible terrorism activities from occurring at the place where you’re providing security. • Remember that there are both armed and unarmed security jobs available. If you want to work security that allows you to properly report suspicious activity in high-end department stores or eateries unarmed security is likely best for you. If you prefer to work in or near the heart of the city in high-traffic areas that are popular sites for local events you may need to be trained in armed security in case you have to apprehend someone with both physical force and a gun or taser. Think about your physical strength personality and comfort level with operating weapons when you’re deciding about the security guard positions that are right for you. You’ll also have to consider the gear that you’ll need for your job. Of course it will be slightly more expensive to get the supplies you need if you have to purchase a weapon and you’ll also need shoes that are easy to run in and clothing that won’t restrain you when you need to move quickly.

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What are the Duties of a Special Events Security Guard • Be sure that you check out the venue before the event. This way you’ll know where the entrances and exits are and you can see if there are any potential areas where people can hide if they are engaging in illegal activity. Check the stairwells and hallways of the venue and get familiar with them and know if you’ll need to use these areas as a checkpoint for the event to make sure people are not entering the main space with weapons or dangerous materials. Inspect the main event room and the surrounding areas to see where people will put their purses and coats so you’ll know which areas to keep an eye on while the event is going on. • Its also a good idea to know how to spot fake ID cards if you’ll be working the door at an event. If you’re the security guard in charge of checking ID at a club or bar and you need to make sure that no criminals or minors are entering the venue with counterfeit identification. You should know what authentic drivers licenses and ID cards look like remember that different states and regions have drivers licenses with different designs so you’ll need to know what you’re looking for so you won’t let the wrong people into the venue. • Since you may have to chase a criminal who has stolen a purse or valuable piece of jewellery from someone who is attending the event it’s very important for you to be in good shape. After it’s been confirmed that you’ll be working security for a special event make sure that you’re comfortable running fast for short distances or detaining a criminal until the police arrive. If you’re in decent shape you’ll feel more confident when you have to exert physical energy to do your job.

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