Uber cab service - History, How it Works and Recent Setbacks


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Uber is a world-wide cab service based out of San Francisco, US and operates in many countries around the globe. The presentation dives into the history of Uber, how it works and the recent setbacks that the company faced in 2014.


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Uber is a  Carpool  &  Taxi   Assistance venture with main office in San Francisco, California, and operating in several countries. By August 29, 2014, service was accessible in 45 countries & more than 200 towns worldwide, estimated more than US$40 billion in December 2014. Uber is subject of current protests from taxi drivers, taxi houses & elective bodies with belief that carpool companies are illegal that occupy unfair trade executions & imperil passenger security. December 2014, demonstration has been staged in Germany, India, Thailand, Spain, France, & England, among other nations, for disturbances implying riders. Uber was prohibited in Spain & two towns of India in December 2014, and pursues to find solutions with many governmental bodies, plus those of U.S. & Australia. Image curtsey - http ://onwardstate.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/o-UBER-facebook.jpg Introduction

History : 2009–2011 Establishment in the U.S. and Venture funding:

2009 2010 LATE2010 EARLY2011 LATE2011 Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp established Uber as “ UberCab ” Received venture funding from First Round Capital and super angel investors in Silicon Valley Raised $32 million from various investors, like Goldman Sachs, Menlo Ventures, and Bezos Expeditions Uber Apps for iPhones and Android phone introduced Raised more than $11.5 million from Benchmark Capital History : 2009–2011 Establishment in the U.S. and Venture funding

History : 2012 – Present International Expansion and Controversy:

History : 2012 – Present International Expansion and Controversy

How it works:

Image curtsey - http ://cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/31284495/uberlogo.0_standard_1280.0.png How it works Uber's rates are alike to metered cabs, and entire lease & remittance is administered through Uber . Uber uses a smartphone application to accept ride requests, & then redirects these trip applications to their chauffeurs . Travelers use the app to demand rides & track the reserved automobile’s position.  In some towns, if Uber cab is travelling at more than 11 mph (18 km/h), then the payment is decided upon distance, else the price is decided upon time basis. On reaching the destination, the entire fare is automatically billed to the customer's credit card . Uber has categorized its high prices as premium being paid by the travelers as its service is reliable, punctual as well as comfortable. During festival season such as Halloween, New Year's Eve, or severe weather conditions, Uber reserves rights to increase its prices, alluring more business.  

Uber App:

Uber App Uber app is available free from Apple App Store, Google Play Store, & BlackBerry App World. Once downloaded, register & login. Choose out of : Five vehicle types as options. Spot your pick-up location. Default option of payment is Uber Credit Card including amount tipped - default being 20%. Estimated time of arrival of car along with contact number of driver is provided. Cancellation charges of $10 is levied if the user cancels after five minutes. Uber imposes prices combining time period and distance. Image curtsey - http://cdn.imore.com/sites/imore.com/files/field/image/2013/02/uber_iphone_hero.jpg

Recent Setbacks:

Recent Setbacks DEC SUNDAY 11 DEC MONDAY 16 DEC FRIDAY 09 DEC TUESDAY 17 DEC MONDAY 08 4 3 2 1 Thailand announced Uber illegal. Regulatory obstacles were slammed in Germany, Netherlands & San Francisco, where a chauffeur has been imposed in a mishap leading to the demise of a six-year-old girl . Judge in Spain prohibited Uber's carpool on Tuesday, 9th December 2014, stating it breached laws. On 9th December 2014, San Francisco & Los Angeles formally summoned Uber for deceiving users about charges & background checks. Monday, 8th December 2014, city government in New Delhi prohibited Uber to function in the Indian capital after a rider charged one of its chauffeur of rape.

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Recent Setbacks An Uber driver in San Francisco has been accused with vehicular killing of a six-year-old girl in San Francisco on New Year's Eve in 2013 , last year. An Uber driver in Orlando was charged of molesting a female traveler and holding the woman’s dressing accountable. In September 2014 , an Uber driver was charged of hitting a traveler in the head with a hammer and drove away. During the week of December 9, 2014 , a Dutch court ruled Uber system as illegal stating non-professional chauffeurs offer trips in their personal cars at half the price of a regular cab. 5 6 8 7