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You Can Buy Best Quality LED Solar Wall Pack Lights on our website which named LEDMyplace. We are providing a 5-year manufacturer warranty and free shipping in the whole USA. Our LED Solar Wall Pack Lights are environment-friendly.


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LED SOLAR WALL PACK www.ledmyplace.com

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www.ledmyplace.com Install Renewable LED solar Wall Pack for Making the Surroundings Ambient I n today’s world when the increasing number of industries has also increased the demand of fuel that is used to lighten the atmosphere then in such kind of scenario its better to use the solar LED lights that uses Sun’s light to illuminate the surroundings before we end up with all the available resources. Every country should start using these solar lights to make the environment more glorifying without spending too much on the lights. Among various forms of lights that can be used to illuminate the outdoor places you can use LED Solar Wall Pack Lights and the best option to transform solar energy for producing light rays that will make the nights brighter and visible. Also this way you can save the nation’s fuel as well especially at those places where there is a sun light.

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www.ledmyplace.com You can use these LED Solar Wall Pack Lights to Enjoy Beneath Advantages Which no other Light will ever Offer Have Brighter Nights By using this LED Solar Wall Pack you can ensure that the streets and other outdoor places are more visible and safe during the nights as well. Along with the commercial places you can use these lights for the residential purposes as well. When the sun’ light reaches to the solar panel the in- built battery gets fully charged automatically which uses the same energy to spread the brightness during the nights. Also with the help of solar controller that this LED solar wall pack has these lights automatically turn on and off as per the surrounding lightning which reduces the manual work as well. Color Temperature The color temperature also play a signifcant role in making the ambience beautiful and powerful and by using these LED solar wall pack lights you can defnitely enjoy brighter and colorful surroundings. For instance 5W LED solar wall pack whose color temperature is 5700k provides daywhite light color temperature that makes it perfect for the outdoor security lighting purposes. Also there are no harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead inside these lights that otherwise make the environment more dangerous.

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www.ledmyplace.com Environment-Friendly Lights Also these LED solar wall pack lights are eco-friendly lights and don’t contain any harmful waste products such as lead or mercury that can cause any toxicity to the environment and are also harmful for the environment. In fact these solar lights are free from harmful UV and IV rays that are hazardous for the human’s and produce no UV or IR rays thus are completely radiation-free product. In addition to being eco-friendly product these wall packs are rebate eligible as well thanks to it’s certifcate that make these lights more economical and proftable and benefcial than any other form of lights. Also you can enjoy the motion sensor feature of these lights that will alert you as soon as it observes any intruder trying to enter inside your property with a wrong objective. So say goodbye to all the existing MH lights that consumes more electricity to produce much less lumens and replace them with the highly effective form of lights. Simply replace a 60w of light with a 5W LED solar wall pack and make great savings.

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