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Schemas Workshop Bath 11th May 2000 Mariano Sanz Prieto ETB Project Manager The European Schools Treasury Browser


Duration: 26 months Start: 1st February 2000 Coordinatoor: Committee for the Schoolnet (S) Partners: Biblioteca di Documentazione Pedagogica (IT)             Danmarks EDB Center for Forskning og Uddannelse (DK)        European Commission Joint Research Centre (I)              Lunds Universitet (S)           Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (D)        Fundación Universidad Empresa (E)        FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht Gemeinnützige Gmbh (D) MAKASH - Advancing CMC Applications in Education, Culture and Science (IL)   Lambrakis Research Foundation (EL)  Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (I)      InformationsZentrum Sozialwissenschaften der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialwissenschaftlicher Institute e.V. (D)            

Objectives of ETB: 

Objectives of ETB To build a Web educational resource Metadata Networking infrastructure for schools in Europe To link together existing national repositories To encourage new publication To provide a reliable level of quality and structured added value to those systems by an interoperable layer to help teachers and students to locate resources BUILD THE “SCHOOLNET INFORMATION SPACE”

Key points: 

Key points The ease of use of tools publishing resources locating relevant information Materials are published at the schools or through national or regional repositories


Create a decentralised system that produces information which is classified, structured and/or presented according to uniform data models (Each country and every player in each country should have full autonomy in the management -decentralised-, but at the same time be part of the system -common templates, multilinguality, reduce heterogeneity-)

Planned Components: 

Planned Components Web enabled multilingual educational subject classification and thesaurus European Subject Thesaurus and Classification Intelligent data-entry system for the end user Intelligent Metadata Authoring Tool Dynamic Metadata network Harvesting Web sites -PULL- Searching repositories remotely -Z39.50- Transfer metadata records to registry -PUSH- Metadata registry with an intuitive search interface ETB metadata registry

“Soft” Elements: 

“Soft” Elements Guidelines for the quality management processes of those repositories First set of interchangeable uniform descriptors for schools Guarantee the exchange of data (projects, products, best practice) based on quality selection criteria


Interoperabillity Extension of Dublin Core Semantics Controlled Vocabulary Integrating a Thesaurus in the metadata infrastructure NNTP based Metadata Networking Monolingual Searching, multilingual indexing and harvesting

EUN Metadata Set (I): 

EUN Metadata Set (I) DC.Title DC.Title.Alternative DC.Creator DC.Creator.PersonalName DC.Creator.PersonalName.Address DC.Creator.CorporateName DC.Creator.CorporateName.Address DC.Subject None DC.Description None DC.Publisher DC.Publisher.PersonalName DC.Publisher.PersonalName.Address DC.Publisher.CorporateName DC.Publisher.CorporateName.Address DC.Contributor DC.Contributor.PersonalName DC.Contributor.PersonalName.Address DC.Contributor.CorporateName DC.Contributor.CorporateName.Address Elements Subelements

EUN Metadata Set (II): 

EUN Metadata Set (II) DC.Date DC.Date.Created DC.Date.Issued DC.Date.X-LastModified DC.Date.Available DC.Date.Valid DC.Date.X-MetadataLastModified DC.Type None DC.Format DC.Format.X-Requirements DC.Format.X-Size DC.Identifier None Core Syntax DC.Source May take any Dublin Core element except Source and Relation as a subelement DC.Language None DC.Relation None DC.Coverage DC.Coverage.PlaceName DC.Coverage.PeriodName DC.Rights DC.Rights.X-Price

EUN Metadata Set (III): 

EUN Metadata Set (III) EUN.Approver EUN.Approver.PersonalName EUN.Approver.PersonalName.Address EUN.Approver.CorporateName EUN.Approver.CorporateName.Address EUN.UserLevel None EUN.Version None EUN.Release None

Work-packages groups: 

Work-packages groups Survey of existing repositories Recommendations on Quality Criteria Establishment of a multilingual access to the repositories Technical Developments Validation and Explotation

Survey of existing repositories (WP2): 

Survey of existing repositories (WP2) In depth survey of the existing educational repositories currently available on the Internet find out general characteristics of the repository (content focus, size...) and technology used (databases, interfaces, search engines) identify issues concerning: use of metadata or other labelling systems classification, controlled vocabulary and multilingual support quality assurance processes analyse existing national policies regarding all issues addressed in the survey


DESIGN OF THE SURVEY Development of the Questionnaire (February-April) presentation of the questions to the ETB partners during the kick-off meeting (February) feedback discussions and review of draft (February-April) finalising the questionnaire (March) creation of dynamic web pages and ETB-database ( ) March, April) questionnaire online 05/05/2000 Get in contact with related projects REYNARD, SCHEMAS, INDECS, DESIRE, DC, DELOS


Identification of Contacts ( March-May) get information on the repositories at the national server and get references of other repositories at national, regional or local level Letter drafting and sending to back up contact addresses overall aim: contact 200 institutions by e-mail


The ETB questionnaire consists of 50 questions : 1) About to discover the general characteristics of the educational repository, for example its scope, content focus and size 2) Practice and Use focuses on the practical use of repository such as the technologies used, editorial conventions and other offered services 3) Quality Maintenance & Metadata quality assurance processes regarding the content, the metadata and existing policies behind

Recommendations on Quality Criteria: 

Recommendations on Quality Criteria Research on quality assessment (WP3) provide recommendations about quality selection processes propose a SCHEME for quality management processes Guidelines for Harmonisation and Standardisation (WP4) definition of recommended standards and guidelines for the description of the information sources to be included in the ETB close collaboration with the Ministries of Education

Establishment of a multilingual access to the repositories: 

Establishment of a multilingual access to the repositories Schools Repository Thesaurus (WP5) creation of a multilingual Thesaurus in 5 languages 1000 terms Multilinguality (WP6) supporting multilinguality and reducing heterogeneity

Technical Developments: 

Technical Developments Metadata Toolkit (WP8) Set of tools for the publication of metadata Metadata Networking Infrastructure (WP9) define the methodology for quality assessed information exchange specify, implement and evaluate the technical infrastructure to support this methodology Metadata Registry, Search and Editorial Control (WP10) design and build the metadata registry this system will ingest, index and organise the flow of metadata records from the network

Validation and Explotation: 

Validation and Explotation Dissemination and Implementation (WP7) Establish communication & links between related projects, programmes and initiatives Encourage access, use and uptake of ETB tools and services Foster adoption of conventions Share information amongst the community of users Assessment and evaluation (WP11)

Dissemination Tools: 

Dissemination Tools Website development Database-driven, coldfusion, EUN metadata set Establish contacts with related projects REYNARD, SCHEMAS, INDECS, DESIRE, DELOS, CULTIVATE, META-E E-mail Newsletter, issue 1 in June Covering resources, research, events, standards, activities Brochure - aims, goals, partnership Articles on project activities from WPs Handbook on ETB Tools and Systems

Workshops and Meetings: 

Workshops and Meetings Workshop 1 [July-September 2000 ] Topics of discussion: (a) “Classification areas”, input for multilinguality (WP6), (b) “How to share Metadata”  Workshop 2 [Mayo 2001] (a) Consensus on quality management, quality criteria (b) Presentation by WP6 of the first “concordances” based on English and other main languages. Participants: School Networks Webmasters, EUN Editorial Board, experts. Workshop 3 [Febrero 2002 ] (a) Thesaurus: presentation of the final version, (b)ETB: results, demo of beta Participants: EUN Editorial Board, experts, projects’ representatives, educators.

ETB Team at EUN: 

ETB Team at EUN Anja Balanskat <[email protected]> Riina Vuorikari <[email protected]> Robert Whelan <[email protected]> Mariano Sanz Prieto <[email protected]> WEB General e-mail [email protected]