5 Steps for Local SEO Success

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5 Steps for Local SEO Success

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Search Engine Optimization is the process of performing certain tasks on your website and off your website to ensure that your site is on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Similarly, Local SEO is process of ranking your website top of any search engine’s local listings. What is Local SEO?

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• 60% of local business owners think that Local SEO is the best channel to get more visitors to their store • It helps customers find businesses near them • Local search increases conversions by up to 40% Why is it important?

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Steps to Ensure Local SEO Success Local listing on Google is called Google My Business Profile, it is called as places in Bing and other directories which may be relevant to your location and/or relevant to your niche of business. Step 1: Establish “My Business” Profile

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Local SEO on-site optimization is different from general SEO, and is also a little bit more complicated. You should ensure that your web pages consistently use the same Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP). Step 2: On-Site Optimization

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Citations are mentions of your business name on website apart from your own website. There are number of ways to get this. Citations are different from Link Building and Search Engine algorithms, according to experts, give priority sites with more number of citations. Step 3: Citation building

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Local SEO is also part of your online reputation management. Reviews on Google say a lot about a particular business. Thus, it is important for business to maintain good ratings and reviews to rank higher. Step 4: Build Reviews & Monitoring

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Link building is one of the most important activities in any SEO campaign. But it is important to do the right kind of link building that is valuable in long term. Step 5: Link Building

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Local SEO is quite new and it needs the expertise of a professional to get all the aspects right. At InteractiveUX we have helped a multitude of local businesses gain popularity locally with our Local SEO services . Why wait? Get famous, talk to InteractiveUX today! Extra Step: Choose a Professional

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