8 Facts To Know Before Traveling To Greece


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Planning to travel to Greece? But before that, make sure to read these useful facts so you can have a hassle-free stay when you get there.


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8 Facts To Know Before Traveling To Greece Greece is popular to be rich in its history culture iconic figures and especially its people. Greeks are familiar with their loud voices short temper and their laid-back lifestyle. They have been the lovers of the seafood and social gatherings. If you are planning to travel to Greece you might need to read these useful facts so that you can have a worry-free stay. When is the best time to go Most people think that there’s always a sunny weather in Greece but no So here’s a roundup of months on which is the ​best time to travel ​ June to September has a perfect sunny weather. July to August is where there are large crowds around tourist destinations. October is where storms are coming so avoid this month to prevent from getting stuck due to delayed flights.

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How to Drink like the Greeks way Image via ​Greek Boston Drink like the Greek way ​Drinking wines ​ have been a festive beverage among Greeks on any important celebrations like birthdays graduations weddings etc. Like water they always serve wine with their everyday meals. Although in Greece clubs and stores can sell liquor to those 16 years old

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and above. Still they are strict on their driving laws and regulations to prevent drunk driving accidents. Manners Do Matter. In Greece it’s ​disrespectful if you just simply nod ​. Greeks use a nod to show both agreeing and disagreeing. So to avoid to be misunderstood to signal a ‘yes’ nod your head slightly downward. To signal ‘no’ jerk your head slowly upwards. Image via ​Everyday Health Dining Etiquette On ​Table manners ​ Greeks do not switch knives and forks. The knife remains in the right hand and the fork remains in the left. After finishing the meal put the knife under the fork crossing each other and tines of the fork faces down. Greetings Greek culture makes use of body language during ​greetings and handshake ​. Take note to shake hands with every person you’re introduced with and even after the conversation.

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Respond a hug or kiss on the cheek if offered. Only if you’re a close friend or a family relative and they don’t do this for acquaintances. All in all expect Greeks to stand close to you and ask personal questions. It doesn’t mean that they are evasive but they’re trying to be warm and welcoming people. Greek Time In Greece it’s common for the locals to be ​15 to 30 minutes late ​ for dinners and parties. So if you are meeting someone and they are not there yet sit down and wait beside they’ll still show up. No Cards Just Cash We make use of our Credit cards every time we travel to gain points and to avoid losing some cash. But in Greece you will end up putting your credits cards to rest. Why Because as far as ​Greece’s financial market ​ they are not doing quite well. In general avoid using your cards and bring enough cash for your travel. On this way you can also help Greeks livelihood.

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Siesta Time at Greece Image Via ​Yannis Larios It is considered to be disrespectful in Greece to be noisy during the 2 to 5 pm. Greeks called it as ‘Siesta.’ This period some shops are close and will resume operations after 5 pm. The primary cause is because of Greece’s current climate. If you find this article useful share it and leave your comments below. Also you may reach us if you want to add any topic of about any place you want to be a feature on our page.

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