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The 10 Most Recommended E-Commerce Solution Providers have handpicked a few such companies that are offering a helping hand to online business. On the cover, we have GYSO that delivers an outstanding result to its clients by combining a data-driven approach with hands-on impeccable knowledge of Digital, Print, TV and Retail.


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2020 | Volume-01 | Issue-08 Powering Businesses to Amplify their Digital Footprint Karthik Raja CTO and CSO MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS Company of the Y ear Khalid Isar Founder CEO

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he advancement in technology is T providing a huge benefit to numerous businesses. Speaking about the e- commerce industry technology has been playing a major role in the online transition of many enterprises. T oday the Indian e- commerce industry is worth a million dollars. In the coming years it has tremendous potential for growth. Despite various changing policies arising ever year the e- commerce space hasn’t seen any drastic slowdown. Since a decade or more we have moved on from the brick and mortar stores to e-commerce platforms for all our needs. T oday the online shopping space has grown beyond apparels and electronics. From buying and selling groceries booking tickets for transportation and entertainment to ordering food online the e-commerce space has been on a roll and is expanding exponentially. This expansion in the e-commerce world has indeed brought numerous benefits to both sellers and buyers. T o start with the most beneficial aspect to the buyers is the lower cost of the products. It also overcomes geographical limitations as we can order products and commodities from any corner of the world. Ultimately this has effectively eliminated the travel time and expenditure. On the other hand various sellers well- established as well as startups have gained an upper hand in this digital era. A number of skilled workers have received a platform to showcase their talent and sell their ideas to the clients. With this businesses have increased their reach which in turn has amplified their revenue. Through correct marketing strategies online businesses can turn the tables around.

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However the increasing competition in the e-commerce industry has created many obstacles which can lower down the sales. T o name a few the major challenges lied down by this industry are the data protection concern of the end-users attracting the right customers and then retaining them. Here comes the role of e-commerce solution providers. These solution providers help online businesses to overcome the problems that they face. From generating traffic to converting them into customers e- commerce solution providers are leveraging various businesses. Begining from finding the right product to sell to delivering the products safely to the end-clients these providers help their clients in all the possible ways. We in this edition of The 10 Most Recommended E-Commerce Solution Providers have handpicked a few such companies that are offering a helping hand to online business. On the cover we have GYSO that delivers an outstanding result to its clients by combining a data-driven approach with hands-on impeccable knowledge of Digital Print TV and Retail. Additionally we have featured iT ech Ecommerce as Company of the Year. Along with this we are happy to feature CloudTrains T echnologies Digi E Comm Dot Sol Emed Store Em Software Public Media Solution Veniteck and Om Software. We have also brought to you an exclusive interview with the founder of Digi Peddle Gaurav Nikam. T o provide you with an insight into the digital transformation we have included an article by Devansh Chaurasiya on What Is Digital Transformation Apart from this we have also featured an article by one of our in-house writers. Hope you enjoy reading Shambhavi Mhetre Shambhavi Mhetre

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12 GYSO Powering Businesses to Amplify their Digital Footprint 16 iT ech Ecommerce Driving SMEs to the Zeniths of Global Success 22 Digi Peddle Offering Complete Digital Media Marketing and T echnology Solutions 26 What is digital Transformaton 46 CloudTrains One-Stop-Solution for your Online Business 30 34 Digital E-commerce Solutions Expanding your Digital Footprint 36 Dot Solutions Driving Traffic and Success to Your Business 40 EMedStore Helping Pharmacies to Grow Online 42 Emsoftware T echnology Cost-Effective Solutions for Online Businesses 50 Public Media Solutions Providing Seamless Services Ranging from Public Relation to E-Commerce 52 Veniteck Solutions Offering Intelligent IT Solutions to a Wide Range of Businesses Anytime Shopping Online Vs. Offline: T owards the Digital Era Cover Story 12 Article

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CONTENTS JANUARY 2020 CXO Standpoint Interview Company of the Year 16 22 26 30 34 36 40 42 50 52

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GYSO has used all the expertise to build GYSO CARE which encompasses all Digital marketing techniques into 1 Product which guarantees growth by 10x “ “ Powering Businesses to Amplify their Digital Footprint

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Karthik Raja CTO and CSO COVER STORY

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I n recent years omni channel powered commerce has gained importance like no other medium. From buying mobiles shoes and clothes to buying bitcoins nowadays everything can be done online. While there are numerous leading e-commerce websites omni commerce is expected to power 80 of successful businesses by 2022. Touch n Feel experience based buying will continue to raise and so will be the urge to see and pickup the product at the quickest possible time. The consideration to buy funnel grows 5x faster with hyperlocal models. Click N Pickup is expected to grow by 300 percent in the next 2 years. As business try to use digital they face various issues which cannot be understood by traditional ad agencies. Such problems ultimately result in the downfall of the business. Remember unconnected businesses are prone to failure and will bleed over time. Get Your Shop Online GYSO encompasses the skills required for any business to stay float and to supercharge at 10x speeds. These are powered by in house Digital Sales Marketing Content Strategy Technology and OPS Team. Having an omnichannel approach with ROI-Driven marketing strategy GYSO has been leaving its marks on the digital world with its operations in India Dubai Singapore and Colombo by providing seamless services. GYSO delivers an outstanding result to its clients by combining a data-driven approach with hands-on impeccable knowledge of Digital Print TV and Retail. A Futuristic Thinker Karthik Raja CTO and CSO of GYSO is an expert at Turbocharging/Supercharging e-commerce/traditional businesses with omnichannel modules. GYSO was founded by Mr. Karthik Raja and Mr. Jonathan both having a combined experience of 40 years in various domains including Sales Marketing Technology Strategy and Business. With their combined effort the company has been able to consult startups as well as Enterprises while demonstrating proven increase to companies of all scale. Karthik’s knowledge and experience in the field of Digital Print TV and Retail industries has helped GYSO’s clients to set up from scratch. With his insightful ideas he has been successful in setting up and running of supercharged hyperlocal e-commerce units. Exceptional Services Today Google along with various other social media platforms have a huge impact on e-commerce customers. Keeping this in mind GYSO aims at providing hyperlocal solutions to various problems by encompassing all digital marketing techniques into one product – GYSO CARE. With the help of the experts of GYSO CARE it is possible for the company to provide a guaranteed growth to its clients. GYSO understands that along with reaching out to potential customers conversion of these leads into customers is equally important. GYSO CARE makes this possible as it comprises of various services like Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing Google Display Marketing Facebook Hyperlocal Marketing Google Hyperlocal Marketing Google Business Page Optimization Website Development Brand Building In-Store Branding Print Ad Optimization Call Center Setup Robotic Process Automation AIML EBITDA and Business Intelligence Tools. Changing the Outlook When it comes to e-commerce businesses according to GYSO the major problems faced are retaining customers generating traffic measuring ROI / ROAS capturing quality leads and choosing the right technology partners. It also includes finding the right products to sell and attracting and hiring the right people to make it all happen. While other issues like achieving profitable long-term growth omnichannel setup yield optimization of all processes RPA also occur. Karthik explains the reason behind these problems saying “Getting people to understand hyperlocal methodology was a challenge. They wanted to compete with Flipkart or Amazon. They tried to emulate fast-paced business models whose growth were never profitable in India. They kept borrowing to sustain while our clients tried to emulate the rapid growth without healthy bank balances. We convinced all these people and made all our customer build their brand with a clear focus on the bottom line.” Karthik believes that it is crucial for retailers to know how to attract customers efficiently without killing the marketing budget. It is seen that not all the leads are converted equally. Effective leveraging of SEO PPC email social media display ads retargeting mobile shopping engines

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and affiliates are important to help drive qualified traffic to their online and offline stores. Connecting both is again important. Hence retailers should give utmost importance to the audience how they interact and how to engage with them. Guiding to Build a Dense Marketing Network It is important that retailers deliver their omnichannel marketing strategies with meticulous planning. Ideally campaigns should be crafted with tightly integrated content marketing strategies with ROAS measured for every campaign. 90 Days is the time the company needs to bring visible changes to any business model that adapts the inputs. Here comes the role of choosing a correct partner or agency. GYSO is one such partner who helps retailers to implement projects or oversee marketing campaigns that may also limit the client’s growth. It is indeed challenging to be different from others when the online world is dominated by Amazon Shopify and Aliexpress. To be different is to produce their own private labels and setup connect omnichannel models if the retailers think of competing with such conglomerate. Karthik says “Retailers should be out there getting their name out within the online community by attending e-commerce conferences speaking at events and networking. Employees want to work for companies that care about them and their customers.” GYSO has used its resources and talent to develop a connected world for various clients. Karthik mentions a few of GYSO’s clients by saying Poorvika – Hyperlocal positioning increased the number of leads to 100X. We also helped the brand fight with business biggies like the Amazon and Flipkart with clever tech and digital strategies. Diadem – The Hyperlocal walk-ins increased by 10X Telebuy – The Ecommerce sales increase by 5x. Aachi Kitchen – We helped them build from no where. We MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS

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built the product concepts assisted in sales marketing and operations. From Meat to Rice to vegetables we helped them to source from the right channels bring production costs down. Stores grew by 2x. AGS – Their admissions from start to till date were powered through Digital and GYSO build content strategies. Today’s Digital World The current world is undoubtedly full of exciting changes and innovations for both businesses and buyers. It is essential that an entrepreneur or an e-commerce developer keeps a finger on the pulse with the changes in the e-commerce landscape. E-commerce businesses cannot succeed with great products alone – they need to draw in customers to the right channel where the revenue maximises. This is exactly why great connected omnichannel marketing will always be an essential part of success in e-commerce. Karthik asserts “In the past decade there has been a dramatic change in the way consumers shop. Although consumers continue to purchase from a physical store they feel very convenient to shop online since it frees the customer from personally visiting the store.” Being the third most popular activity on the internet after email using and web browsing online shopping has made lives easier from both the ends. This rapid growth of e-retailing is attributed to the advantages. It offers greater flexibility enhanced market outreach lower cost structures faster transactions broader product lines greater convenience and customization. This smooth option is possible because of the use of the internet. The popularization of the internet has made online shopping one of the most popular shopping styles for customers. Countries like India China Brazil Russia and South Africa are known to play a leading role in the future of e-commerce. The most exciting part about all of this is that a lot of these markets are relatively untapped by existing e-commerce businesses at the moment. Due to which there is enough potential for existing businesses to branch out and reach new audiences. With this there is enough opportunity available for new e-commerce brands to pop up within those emerging markets and tailor their services towards local audiences. While e-commerce in India is reaching the top of the world it is necessary to omnichannel the businesses. By the means of omnichannel businesses will be able to sustain in this competitive ecosystem. Roadmap in the Future Digital World GYSO believes that the key to success is its plan for the business. The team intends to make the businesses associated with GYSO profitable by its hyperlocal powered e-commerce modules. In the end Karthik says “By committing to the simple yet powerful planning strategies we keep our company and ourselves ahead of the curve and on the path to an increasingly profitable future.”

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slide 18: 16 | January 2020 We envisage a big scope for the future in blending its automated and integrated technologies of e-commerce with the Marketing and Advertisement of SMEs through integration with the internet “ “ Khalid Isar Founder CEO

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iTech Ecommerce Driving SMEs to the Zeniths of Global Success W ith the advent of digitalization the e- commerce world has changed the overall shopping experience. People nowadays can buy a range of products from any corner of the world. In light of this change is preferences of shopping SMEs in India are gradually adapting to everything- digital. There still exists a gap between the major e- commerce patforms and SMEs depraving them of the global customer base they could easily leverage. To reduce this gap iTech Ecommerce LLP the largest global channel partner of has been acting as a connecting bridge. The Onset of a Revolution Before e-commerce revolution small and medium- sized enterprises would have to either visit the country or participate in various international fairs. This eventually caused hindrance to these businesses due to high cost and at times no returns on investment. That’s when the former Country General Manager of Alibaba came up with the idea of . Khalid Isar iTech Khalid is the and of iTech. The journey Founder CEO of iTech started in collaboration with A lot of employees having experience in Alibaba decided to join iTech. His teammates from Alibaba saw the potential of what indian B2B supplier was bringing COMPANY OF THE YEAR 17| January 2020

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to the global e-commerce space. The entire team at iTech has made a huge contribution to the rapid growth of the company. Through constant trust and dedication he and his team were able to achieve the success which they had envisioned. With his and the team’s effort at iTech the company has been able to open its branches in various metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities in India. Nurturing Growth iTech connects SMEs to the giant online store - Alibaba. It provides a platform for these customers to explore the international world. iTech’s customers are mainly manufacturers and exporters. The initial journey of iTech to make SMEs understand the importance of the internet and online marketing was a tough challenge. However iTech with its capable team helped these SMEs reach out to the world. Through continuous training and providing never-ending knowledge to its customers. The team at iTech intensively studies all the aspects of its customers’ products before moving ahead. This way it is possible for the company to provide the best consultancy to the customers. The team creates a clear roadmap for the marketing and advertising of SMEs through integration with the internet. Leveraging Innovation Delivering Excellence Khalid believes that business community in India use English as the business language efficiently and have better product customisation skills than the competing countries which creates a niche and high demand for indian goods internationally. So taking advantage of this iTech helps its customers to spread their footprint all across the world. Secondly innovation is deeply rooted in Indians. This quality has helped the e-commerce domain grow extensively in India. Khalid explained it by giving an 18 | January 2020

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example of the agro-industry going online. “A few years ago no one had imagined that agricultural products could be sold and bought online” Khalid expresses. Keeping up to date with the technological advancements iTech is further providing lessons on digitalization to young and creative minds who have just graduated. This enables iTech to come up with new and innovative ideas. Being the authorised channel partner of Alibaba iTech has proved itself in all the aspects to date. A few accolades are as mentioned below:  Alibaba Honorary Channel Partner FY 2016-18  Best Channel Partner For The year - 2017  Alibaba 2017 FY Excellent Partner Of GGS Renewal Business  GSD FY 2018 Excellent Service Team  FY2018 Overseas Partner GSD FY 2018 New GGS Revenue Top Partner.  Outstanding Channel Partner of the Year 2019 Apart from the company’s success Khalid has also been awarded one amongst 50 Most Influential E-commerce Professional by Economic Times. Envisioning Ceaseless Progress iTech is working towards becoming a one-stop solution for all the needs of SMEs. In the coming years it would be providing these services to B2B as well as B2C. The major focus of iTech will continue to be able help all the SMEs grow their business online in the entire world. iTech is also looking forward to catering to the immersive experiences by exploring the scope and possibility of IT based solutions for e-commerce. It will further revamp the whole market sphere by experimenting with all the untouched segments of the Indian market. This will eventually help the untouched market to become digital. Also need to add few Top categories in which customers find good number of buyers on alibaba platform are:  Apparels  Machinery  Agro  Handicraft  Health and Beauty products  Metals and Minerals 19| January 2020

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Digi Peddle Digi Peddle Digi Peddle Offering Complete Digital Media Marketing and Technology Solutions elow are the excerpts of a conversation between B Insights Success and the team Digipeddle. The interaction highlights the way Digipeddle handles Digital Marketing and how it is remodeling the industry with its innovations being in line with the evolving business needs. Please provide us the detailed information about your company its mission and vision. We are a Digital Media Marketing Company that delivers results. Digipeddle Technologies specializes in Digital Media Marketing SEO Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. We create precise high ROI marketing campaigns that deliver inspiring results. This helps our clients to win in their marketplace and blow away the competition. We assist clients by providing end to end Digital Media Marketing services. We are a young team of creative minds marketing professionals. We strive to create branding strategies marketing campaigns. We like to keep ourselves updated with global trends. Our Mission: To encourage innovations with constant efforts to help our clients meet the business standards and evolving business needs to make an ever-lasting relationship with our clients by serving multiple growth opportunities to them thus delighting them. Our Vision: To serve our clients complete digital media marketing and technology solutions with seamless innovations competing with constantly evolving business needs. What services/products does your company offer What are its prominent features Somebody rightly said “Website without traffic is a ship lost in the horizon”. We at Digipeddle Technologies help our customers to pull more traffic and engagement to their apps and websites and social feeds. Increasing their brand awareness and helping them to sell more. Social Media Marketing We create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business. Transform your social media presence with high-quality content daily activity and an increase in followers. By advertising through social media 100 of our clients have seen the best results. Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization SEO is a critical component of online marketing. Search engine optimization helps you get more website traffic more customers and more online visibility. We use a combination of the latest onsite and off- site strategies to produce top results. Together we can push your website above your competition Search Engine Marketing We help you manage your SEM campaign more efficiently and effectively. We help you gain market share by leveraging our expertise. Digipeddle can amplify your online marketing needs and help you reach your potential customers and business objectives. Give us a brief overview of the featured persons and their contribution to the company and its success. Mr. Gaurav Nikam Founder and CEO What would you give up to see your dreams come true What would you put at stake for a vision 22 | January 2020

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INTERVIEW WITH INSIGHTS SUCCESS Mr. Gaurav Nikam Founder CEO 23| January 2020

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A lot of people would forsake a lot of things but how about a whole future complete with a stellar career that would set you up for life would you give that up Not many would have the daring or the self-belief to be able to do that. That is however exactly what our Young Entrepreneur Gaurav Nikam did He left his job to set up Digipeddle Technologies. A brainchild behind Digipeddle Technologies is a passionate entrepreneur from Satara city. Born and brought up in a farmer background family in a small village of Satara. Gaurav has 3+ years of professional experience 2 years of entrepreneurial experience. A sales professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology services industry. Strong Digital Marketing and business development professional skilled in Account Management Solution Selling Presales Project Management. He is a Computer Science Engineer with a Masters in Business Administration Marketing Management from Vishwakarma Institute Pune. He started his career with Tech Mahindra as an Intern due to his hunger to learn the business and to get a 360-degree view he decided to work with start-ups. He along with his cousin Bhagyesh started his first business venture while pursuing his MBA it was a library Study Room near Bharti Vidhyapeeth Pune. The success of his st 1 business venture boosted his confidence. He also launched “x1000rpm” his second startup which was an online portal for bike and car enthusiast. While doing all this he always believed that he could help other businesses to grow through Digital Media Marketing. Therefore he started Digipeddle Technologies with some small clients. Within one and half years Digipeddle Technologies has gained a good reputation in western Maharashtra and currently serving big corporates e-commerce companies. How have you strived towards growing and sustaining your position in the market What have been the driving factors of your organization’s success Digital Media Marketing is the fastest growing industry every month there are thousands of new start-ups coming up many of them fail to create value to customers those 17 | January 2020 24 | January 2020

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who provide value sustain Scaling up is also a challenge in this industry. Timely payment recovery is also another challenge especially in India. We term ourselves as a “digital media marketing company that delivers results” Commitment transparency innovation and integrity are the pillars of Digipeddle Technologies. In the initial phase we struggled with several challenges like getting the skilled human resource scaling up increase our serving capacity while maintaining our delivery quality. But we got the right books podcasts mentors who showed us the way. In order to sustain in this ferocious market we believe in only one strategy i.e. delivering value to our customers. The biggest driving factor of our organization’s success is our organizational culture our ability to work as one team where everybody shares the same vision. How according to you is technology aiding the development of your respective industry and ultimately helping your company to achieve the desired goal We are a technology company the services we provide are digital without technology our industry doesn’t exist also this industry has constantly changing nature which also means that those in the field must stay up to date with the latest tools trends and advertising policy updates. Digipeddle Technologies is dedicated to staying on top of social trends and policies that lead to successful marketing campaigns. According to you how has the landscape of your respective industry segment changed throughout the years Over the past few decades marketing has had to keep up and contend with leaps in technology and our relation to it ever since. While the Sales Era witnessed the invention of the telephone swiftly followed by the rise of television and the Marketing Department Era. The evolution of the Digital Marketing industry started with the biggest change in the history of marketing: commercially available personal computers smartphones the advent of the internet and boom in internet users. There is a huge demand for Digital Marketing companies across the globe. Could you elaborate on the awards and accolades your organization has received so far Happy and delighted customers and their testimonials are what we have gained so far. And that’s what really matters to us What are your future endeavors What is your company looking forward for We are an ambitious company 100 YOY growth rate is what we are aiming for. We aim to generate employment opportunities for ambitious young Indians. We are also looking forward to expansion in new territories overseas. Digipeddle Technologies is ready to step into the international market and has already taken a step. Digipeddle Technologies will be a global company soon. What changes did you experience when you entered into business 1. Change in your perspective: You start to realize the following things: - Time is not equal to money - Scalability is king - The only thing that held you back was the bullshit story that you were telling yourself 2. Social life: The small and average conversation becomes absolutely boring and pointless. Your empathy towards people who settle for average vanishes and you start to feel like an alien. That’s where you realize that you have to start surrounding yourself with people who are on the same mission as you. 3. Your Potential: Once you reach this point you’ll never be the same again. Once you hit 30k 50k 100k without having a job it’s over Forever Why would you ever set for 9 to 5 if you exactly know that you can make this money on your own and 2x 3x and 10x it This is the point where new life begins. Learn more about the Digital Marketing firm by visiting 25 January | 2020

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Devansh Chaurasiya is an MBA graduate with 15 years of IT experience. He holds expertise is in delivering strategic business projects digital transformation business intelligence and analytics within sales CPG and supply chain domain. He is passionate about driving business outcome and nurturing young talent. He believes coordination collaboration and change management are the key differentiating skills for better management and growth. About the Author WHA T IS DIGITAL TRANSFORMA TION 26 | January 2020

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D evansh Chaurasiya explains Digital transformation as an ongoing process of changing the way we do business. It is an investment in skills tools technologies and IT infrastructure. Digital transformation is a cultural shift integrating people technology and business together. A BUSINESS CASE STUDY A product manufacturing IT Major needed to digitally transform itself to accelerate its business activities processes and its operating models. It needed to leverage the digital tools and technologies to drive higher revenue better margins and competitive edge. Company had robust one of the best supply chain capabilities based on efficient and reliable third party logistics system. Company manufactured and assembled its products in Asian countries and distributed all over the world. Major expectation from digital transformation was to detect and minimize missing containers damage deliveries reduce theft higher recovery faster replacements better compliance governance forecast and prediction on demand supply gap to increase operational efficiency driving higher partner satisfaction and better customer engagement. IT major hired a consulting company for digital transformation. It did well to understand complex logistics model rigid legacy IT infrastructure and started data migration ingestion and historical load from various sources like Oracle SQL GT Nexus Teradata to AWS using a BDM ETL Tool. After data migration all legacy reports on Business Objects Excel Access VBA coded dashboards were to be transformed on Tableau. However ineffective mapping and untransformed data was the hurdle to build the Business Intelligence. Business reports were in columns and rows. Consulting company pitched to transform hundreds of columns and rows into graphs. However business needed to see information in detail like not only what percentage of containers were missing but exactly which container was missing to action upon. Company was essentially trying to retro fit the legacy technology backbone with new-age technology without functional and domain knowledge. After numerous corrective sprints business decided to transform the last mile in-house. “Digital transformation should have a strategic objective defined in an operational architecture with business use cases. Information flow should be well defined throughout this process” IMPROVISATION – PULLING THE PROJECT INHOUSE This looked like a right decision in the starting but Digital Transformation needs Change Management 1. Skills - The current team did not have Tableau skill 2. Bandwidth – Time availability from regular business deliverables 3. Employee Pushback fearing loss of job 4. Cultural Challenge – Change was not fast adapted 5. Lack of Leadership Communication - Involving business users was another major task as they CXO Standpoint 27| January 2020

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were reluctant to spend time with the functional staff in transformation. CHALLANGES IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 1. Lack of complete IT knowledge 2. No holistic vision 3. Resistance to change 4. Cost factors 5. No ROI definition 6. Leadership support 7. Procrastination WHAT COULD BUSINESS HAD DONE DIFFERENTLY TO MAKE THIS TRANSFORMATION SUCCESSFUL 1. Leadership Communication - Digital transformation is not only the transformation of tool technologies and process but it is transformation of entire business model. It changes the way a business operates and interacts within itself and with external world. Business transformation is a change in mind set that business is evolving faster than we are adapting. Communication department should have chalked out plan to communicate that the company’s digital transformation journey doesn’t belong to an individual or department. It is a Company-Wide progress 2. Top Down and Bottom Up and closed loop approach – In this journey business should have consulted all stake holders in the supply chain unit. 3. Training Incentives and Counselling - Management should have explained that transformation will help gain better skill. Training on new tools and technologies should have been arranged and new motivating incentive plan should have been chalked out. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AN UNA VOIDABLE CHANGE One of the major driving factors of digital transformation is the rate speed and volume of data explosion. World is witnessing the second wave of data explosion with IoT and Autonomous cars leading to edge storage and edge computing. World is trying to make sense at the source of data generation before they store it at the main storage. Companies which are not adopting fast enough will sooner or later feel the need to ride the wave or competitors will be making decisions much faster and winning the business. We can only wait how evolving business models emerging technologies people and digital transformation will change the world we live in. We can be assured that world will be a very different place to interact in the decade of 2020. Scenario presented in this case study is general not specific to any company 28 | January 2020

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CloudTrains One-Stop-Solution for your Online Business B usinesses need technology to stay updated and offer solutions that are unique and one-of-a-kind. For this they need to adopt technology in their functional form and create solutions that can be implemented and used by anyone and everyone. With the aim to make organizations and businesses technology-enabled CloudTrains was incepted. CloudTrains creates innovative technology solutions to empower entrepreneurs startups and enterprises. Since 2017 the company has been building expertise and knowledge in the IT solutions space. Currently CloudTrains considers the ways in which it can use the benefits of emerging technology to prepare itself for the upcoming changes in the market. Aditya Chaturvedi and Tripti Tiwari the Co-Founders share their amazing journey of CloudTrains with us. What type of offerings does your company deliver Is it limited to B2C Please provide us with some details about it. A software house from India headquartered in Gwalior and employing around 40 people we specialize in sophisticated integration projects trying to connect hardcore IT with good product design and UX. While keeping our prime focus on delivering the best technology products in the field we state our core competencies is built around Magento Shopify Pimcore and bespoke software projects including Symfony3 Laravel Node.js Angular React Express Vue.js. CloudTrains focuses on supporting industry and aid businesses to reach the path of ultimate success and to enter the market to build websites web applications mobile apps and e- commerce platforms. For over a decade the company has brought additional value to our customers while helping them with the most updated trendy and extraordinary solutions built with the latest technology revolving around the industry. We are not limited to B2C we work on both B2B and B2C sections. We dream architect design and develop. But more than that we are a team of passionate people driven by one relentless pursuit- to craft innovative solutions and deliver unparalleled results. We are a full-stack mobile apps development web development e- commerce solutions provider and full- cycle Product development MVP company with all the expertise you need to build a successful scalable and stable product. We offer customized business solutions to diversified clients. CloudTrains has become a known brand in the market and already has several associations such as Microsoft Google IBM Intel Oracle. We are not only accommodating the needs of the clients but also optimizing the cost of maintenance and optimizing the system of e-commerce. Sometimes the clients ask us about shortening the time to market and we efficiently do that because of the pre-built solution services. The services which make CloudTrains a unique IT solution providing company are as follows: • Mobile Apps Development • Web Development • UI/UX Designing • Full Cycle Product Development MVP • E-commerce Planning • E-commerce Consultation Implementation • E-commerce Strategy • Brand Revamping Marketing Growth What are the challenges CloudTrains has faced How did your company overcome such challenges There are many challenges in a startup journey but the number of challenges is always equal to your learning. Challenges make you strong and give a chance to get the best version of yourself. Like all businesses and especially startups CloudTrains too faced a lot of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ during our initial days. To state some we had to start building trust defining areas of responsibilities implementing robust processes in the development team keeping the right balance between business and personal life. 30 | January 2020

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It’s no surprise that businesses in its growing phase can easily take up to 100 per cent of one’s free time so setting up priorities at some point is extremely essential. We believe that no such point exists where you can stop and call it as the success destination however we also believe that different people define success in different ways for themselves. We learnt that giving freedom to your people is the best thing a leader can ever do. It seems to be risky at the beginning with most fellow entrepreneurs advising us against it. But our team proved them wrong and we are proud of them today. So believing in your people and having a strong desire to bring change can make any startup successful. We love challenges – we treat them as an opportunity to learn something new. In our company there’s a stress on developing skills and abilities. That’s why we engage in many educational actions – we share knowledge on international conferences and events set webinars and meet-ups for e-commerce and open source communities. What according to you are a few major problems faced by e-commerce sites How does your company help solve such issues Over the years the e-commerce industry has been growing by leaps and bounds and now the time has finally come for the retail industry to have a sharp look and modify their aspects to strive in the market. As days are passing by it is becoming highly difficult for a retail business-person to cope up with advantages offered by the online retailers. Even the competition for the e-commerce enterprises is rising at a huge rate with the hike in the number of online retailers. The e-commerce industry is witnessing a huge transformation in the business structure in the industry itself. The players of the industry are using new innovative and strategic models to mold the minds of their active and potential customers. But day-by-day it is becoming difficult for the e-commerce companies to survive in such stiff competition. Some competitive strategies could be the only solution for We are working with a mission is to empower every person every organization on the planet achieve more in their businesses by using Technologies “ “ MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS Aditya Chaturvedi Co-founder 31| January 2020

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the e-commerce industry to help them stay relevant and stay ahead in the market. We are that company which is helping e-commerce enterprises with the best technology in the field and extraordinary strategies that help the entrepreneurs in the industry to thrive in the competition and make a mark on the field. We are one such organization whose name is frequently mentioned in numerous rankings and listings of the best IT companies of the world. We have become one of the top three best companies implementing Magento technology prepared by Goodfirms. What are your views on people turning towards e- commerce sites from the traditional store-buying preference E-commerce is a medium between two major parts of the online business market first is customer and second is Sales. E-commerce marketing is making sales by creating and increasing awareness about an online presence store’s product offerings and brand. E-commerce marketing is also raising consciousness about an online store’s product offerings and brand. In 2019 retail online commerce purchases worldwide amounted to 3.52 trillion US dollars and online retailers revenues are projected to grow to 6.53 trillion US dollars in 2022. The Top online stores’ revenue amounted to almost 100 billion US dollars in 2017. E-commerce Platforms is one of the most popular online activities worldwide. The biggest online traffic is running through the e-commerce marketing sector in google search engine. E-commerce is the largest community in India USA China and Japan. Mostly four types of e-commerce business models have used the e-commerce business industry. Each has its best scopes and challenges and many companies operate in several of these categories simultaneously. Knowing what box your big idea fits in will help you think creatively about how your opportunities and threats might be. 1. B2C – Business to consumer. 2. B2B – Business to business. 3. C2B – Consumer to business. 4. C2C – Consumer to consumer. E-commerce businesses have a lot of potential and 265 growth rate from 1.5 trillion in 2015 to 5.9 trillion in 2023. This shows a future of steady upward trend with no signs of decline. But what’s even more interesting is the global e-commerce sales have been steadily eating up the worldwide retail market. How do you envision the future of CloudTrains We put the main focus on international expansion-we will enter new markets. We plan to gain new clients from the international market and take part in even bigger and more advanced projects- especially we will develop e-commerce with AI Blockchain. Adding new employees and becoming an industry thought leader. About the Co-founder Aditya Chaturvedi co-founded CloudTrains in 2017 with Tripti Tiwari. With Aditya’s positive attitude and hard- working nature he has made CloudTrains a trusted organization and a startup’ s for startup globally. For the last few years Aditya has been working continuously towards the growth of the company and taking it forward on the way to success. He is a man enriched with work experience and excellence. Before founding CloudTrains Aditya has majorly contributed to various firms while leading several critical roles. He also runs a digital studio by the name 64 Creative Studio that focuses on branding and digital services. 32 | January 2020

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Digital E-commerce Solutions Expanding your Digital Footprint he current trend of e- T commerce business is ruling the world. E- commerce websites allow businesses to sell products and services to online customers all across the world. Countless brands are doing an amazing job in their offline business but due to lack of relevant knowledge about the digital world they are unable to go onboard. Thus Digital E- commerce Solutions’ mission is to help such brands get their business online in all major marketplaces and reach across more than 180 million of buyer’s all over India. In this issue Omkar Deorukhkar the Founder of Digital E- commerce Solutions has some interesting facts to share with us. What type of offerings does Digital E-commerce Solutions deliver Is it limited to B2C Please provide us with some details about it. Digital E-commerce Solutions is a privately held e-commerce and digital marketing agency in Mumbai India. From its inception the company has made sure that it sets the right foot into the massive universe of internet ventures. We at Digital E-commerce Solutions have a very dynamic approach towards building the online market for developing brands. Currently we are providing below services to our clients/brands. Cataloguing listing Order management price management sales boost promotions etc. What are the challenges your company has faced How did your company overcome such challenges Developing a business idea is usually the first challenge faced by every entrepreneur when starting a business from scratch. Finding the right business opportunity or creatively developing an idea is certainly not an easy task. I call ‘envisioning the idea’ the first true task of an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you must possess the ability to see what others cannot see. While others see problems you must see opportunities. The second biggest challenge you will face in the course of starting your business from scratch is assembling the right business management team. When I talk about a team I am not talking about regular employees. I am talking about a ‘strategic round table business team’ that meet regularly to brainstorm on ways to grow your business. What according to you are a few major problems faced by e- commerce sites How does Digital E-commerce Solutions help solve such issues The major problem we are facing is too many returns from marketplaces. There are marketplaces who gets fake COD orders and because of this sellers have to bear RTO charges. The second major problem was the payment reconciliation. Marketplaces don’t give proper reports of payments. 34 | January 2020

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But with an adept talent pool and hunger for perfection we have been delivering the best results bringing new market trends and have bought in more business for all our clients. How do you envision the future of Digital E- commerce Solutions Digital marketing industry in India is spread to almost all the business sectors. Some of the applications of e-marketing are shopping and order tracking online banking payment systems and content management. The power of digital marketing allows geophysical barriers to disappear making all consumers and businesses on earth potential customers and suppliers. It is known for its ability to allow a business to communicate and form a transaction anywhere and anytime. We see ourselves as one of the best e-commerce service providers in India. Many brands and retailers do not know the power of being digital. E- commerce has that much strength to digitize your products and spread the product globally. About the Founder The company was founded by Mr. Omkar Deorukhkar in December 2018. Omkar describes the idea of Digital E-commerce Solutions by saying “Ever thought of getting out of your comfort zone and helping others. We did. 3 Friends just like Amar Akbar Anthony were just sitting at a friend’ s place and wondering what can we do of the knowledge we have to help others in this Digital World where everything is available at your fingertips to get their business on a national and international level.” That moment Omkar decided to start this venture. We help companies understand their top three audiences online and then create a website which is customised to meet the needs of these individuals by making it easy for them to find what they are looking for. “ “ MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS Mr. Omkar Deorukhkar Founder 35| January 2020

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Dot Solutions Driving Trac and Success to Your Business C reating websites have become easier than ever. Most entrepreneurs and businesses can create their website from a plethora of online platforms that are available on the World Wide Web. Of course implementing industry best practices along with exceptional user experience and interface are important but they don’t always meet the necessary goals that drive the growth of a business. Traffic conversions and helping the site meet its crucial objective sales are paramount for the success of an E-commerce solution. In a developing country like India where competition is intense having an e-commerce website optimized for unrivaled traffic is essential. It increases the chances of conversions and can help organizations thrive in their endeavors. Hence companies across the nations are taking initatives to create websites that will help businesses attain their desired target. One such company which is helping organizations make steady progress towards their pursuits with its ‘customer first’ approach is Dot Solutions. Dot Solutions is a Mumbai based internet services firm providing end-to- end web solutions. Established in the year 2002 the company has developed a loyal customer base and claims to be grown as an organization solely on recommendations. Services that Drive Innovation Being an Internet-based company Dot Solutions offers services from domain registrations to web hosting designing and development of websites and web- based solutions. It also provides Search Engine Optimization SEO services web-based solutions and project- specific consultancy. The company is also known for delivering Internet Marketing/Advertising Email marketing Marketing automation and Social media marketing services. Dot Solutions is authorized partners with Google Microsoft and Zoho and resells their entire cloud portfolio including their Email/Messaging/Collaboration solutions. The company is also a Shopify partner and helps its clients create E-commerce websites that deliver promising results. ‘Not’ Reinventing the Wheel Dot Solutions spends a lot of time understanding its client’s needs expectations and constraints to formulate solutions that are both sustainable and economically efficient. To speed up the time to market it works with existing market solutions customized to suit its clients requirements. This results in saving the client’s time effort and money. The company utilizes best practices by developing mobile responsive sites. These ensure the sites are compatible across a variety of browsers and screens. Dot Solutions offers in-depth search engine optimization services and helps clients to implement their digital strategy. The Industry Expert Playing a pivotal role in the growth of Dot Solutions is none other than its Founder Tapan Parekh. Mr. Parekh is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and solving real- world problems with technology. With his extensive experience Mr. Parekh helps Dot Solutions’ clients attain their bottom lines effortlessly. He is an internet solution expert in web development projects and social media marketing since 1999. Over the years he has worked extensively with SME’s Professionals and Non-Profits helping them create and leverage their online presence. Mr. Parekh is also a visiting faculty at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai where he teaches a course on website design to 2nd year MA students. He holds a BSc Physics from the University of Mumbai an MBA from the University of San Francisco with a focus on Entrepreneurship. His thirst for learning also encouraged him to pursue an LLB from the University of Mumbai along with a Diploma in Cyber Law from NALSAR University of Law Hyderabad. Putting Principles Before Profit Dot Solutions says keeping up with the dynamic evolution of the internet has always been a challenge for the company. However by constantly updating its portfolio of skills and adapting to the best practices the 36 | January 2020

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company has been able to stay ahead of the curve. The company encourages its staff to attend seminars workshops and conferences besides conducting a few for itself. It helps Dot Solutions to stay at the cutting-edge on the internet world and in the process helps its customers to stay relevant. Views on the Industry According to Dot Solutions In today’s busy lifestyle people seldom find the time to visit physical stores. The hassle around finding a desire store visiting it personally and then purchasing the required product on MRP put a lot of barriers for the average internet-savvy consumer. The company adds as the internet has evolved people can now sit in their comfort and buy products from different merchants with assurance at a reasonable price. For them traditional ways of purchasing are inefficient. But this has resulted in losing the meaningful relationship between buyers and merchants. Hence the E-commerce sites must understand and offer services to their customers that will help to maintain this meaning. A Vision for the Future Even though it has become easier for customers to create an intuitive website using a vast amount of resources they still struggle to deliver the results. This is where Dot Solutions helps to add value. For the company the future lies in moving up the value chain from simply being an infrastructure domain hosting and service website development provider to a solution provider. Dot Solutions is planning to create a division which solely focuses on helping customers drive traffic and increase their sales both online and offline. It is also looking to establish a cyber law and cybersecurity consulting practice. This will help its clients to mitigate online risks and meet compliance requirements when it comes to their online presence. The company plans to keep on innovating and provide services that will help to enhance and pave a path of success for its clients in their endeavors. We help companies understand their top three audiences online and then create a website which is customised to meet the needs of these individuals by making it easy for them to find what they are looking for. “ “ MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS Tapan Parekh Founder 37 January | 2020

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EMedStore Helping Pharmacies to Grow Online I n a recent international study it has been seen that people of every age and from diverse sectors are adopting the internet as their convenient retail solution provider for daily utilities. Some of the biggest advantages of going online for shopping are overcoming geographical limitations and quicker access to the products. With the quick doorstep delivery options the strain of commuting to the local store has drastically reduced. Apart from this online shopping has an added advantage of the availability of abundant information about the products along with being open 24 by 7 availability to shop. Speaking about buying online pharmaceutical products there is a slow acceptance of technological involvement. But one such company with the aim to bridge the gap between customers and pharmacies is EMedStore. Throughout the years EMedStore has been extending its services to a bigger scale like pharma laboratories distributors the marketplace and other healthcare sectors. The main purpose of this was to make digitalization gain significant recognition. With the help of digitalization the company has come up with an Indian Medicines Database which is approved by physicians and pharmacologists. This database has been facilitating clinics pharmacies hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry with complete and authentic medicine information. Ahemad Abbas Founder and CEO of EMedStore shares with us some interesting facts about his journey with the company. 1. What type of offerings does EMedStore delivers Is it limited to B2C Please provide us with some details about it. With more than 4 years of experience in being a Global Pharma IT company we do not restrict ourselves to just B2C. We have applications and portals intended to serve B2B Marketplace. Our technical solutions are not just limited to retailers we do work on pharma application and website development for manufacturers and distributors too. The major setback as of now for them is to maintain inventory and stay up to date with the continuous drug supply. And EMedStore is on an initiative to make it all smooth for them. 2. What are the challenges your company has faced How did your company overcome such challenges Just like all other start-ups we too had a blend of challenges to come across. To count some of them partnership decision making financial management and hiring suitable candidates to support the firm in achieving some realistic goals. Apart from this we also have been planning to work on security and guidelines for the products establish the privacy policy and update terms and conditions. This will be done most importantly to follow state or country- specific guidelines set by government bodies especially for selling of OTC or prescription drugs online. Contrary to the market trends showing really slow acceptance of technological involvement in pharmaceuticals we found the recipe for tangible success in our products. We also had a plus point being pharmacists and it solely helped us drawing the attention of retail pharmacy owners to come and experience the digitalization of medical stores. This resulted in having clients in almost 29 countries. We proudly served 320+ applications and targeting much more to be sold over a period of time. Overall with a strong team of developers support staff and marketing experts EMedStore is growing rapidly leaving its footsteps in the revolution of Online Pharmacy Business. 3. What according to you are a few major problems faced by e-commerce sites How does your company help solve such issues Before answering this I would certainly like to differentiate the terms e- commerce and e-pharmacy. Unlike other e-commerce e-pharmacies need to be very profound in the selling of OTC prescription drugs or any other healthcare products. Although e- pharmacies made it easier for customers to buy medicines and healthcare products online it has also brought with it some unique challenges. Let us consider the omnichannel customer experience to start with. A medical store owner when chooses to develop an online platform for their pharmacy may need a support system 40 | January 2020

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to help them navigate through the application or website. EMedStore has a 247 support system allowing retails store owners to communicate with our experts through their preferred channel of communication be it phone email live chat screen share or video call. The other is there is always a concern of confidentiality of data in that case we prefer to manage our own servers and do not allow the transfer of files through common FTPs. Lastly the absence of online identity. We prefer giving marketing assistance to our customers helping them in growing their business to the next level with online pharmacy app development. 4. How do you envision the future of your company Considering India as the fastest growing economy start- ups seem using multitudes of technological innovations to connect with their customers and increase margins. Thus EMedStore has stepped forward towards the vision to cover all the continents. Now we have customers in 29 countries and we are still growing. Our existing customers and retailers have come up with a concern to address their problems on managing inventory and EMedStore with its team of experts are working out to come up with the best possible solution. Consequently we are planning to provide 360-degree healthcare IT solutions in every aspect of the pharmacy business to grow it rapidly. About the Leader Being a registered pharmacist and working as a pharmacy owner for about 10 years Ahemad Abbas Founder and CEO of EMedStore has personally experienced the troubles. He has faced many issues whether it is about a patient-centred multidisciplinary work maintaining stock and inventory or adoption of technology. The experience has played a vital role in bringing up an idea of providing IT solutions to the pharma industry. Ahemad believes that one of the key players in his journey towards success is the E-pharmacy Consultant. It has been taking care of rules and regulations of working for online pharmacies in different countries. Furthermore the technical consultant works on strategic priorities and implementation of technical solutions of a day to day pharma activities. Being an online pharmacy application development company we o er a plethora of services to help you take your business to the next level by developing online medicine order web applications. “ “ MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS Ahemad Abbas Founder and CEO 41 January | 2020

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Emsoftware Technology Cost-E ective Solutions for Online Businesses A s the internet is taking a leap over the world millions of people are switching their preference for shopping. While some may still prefer in-store shopping and some choose to stick to online shopping. While there are some people who like to explore both the options every now and then. Many customers go for purchasing offline to examine the product and hold the possession of the product just after the payment for the product. In this contemporary world customers loyalty depends upon the consistent ability to deliver quality value and satisfaction. Various studies show that the tendency of buying goods and commodities online has been increasing. This rise also leads to problems from both ends. While there are numerous emerging and established e- commerce websites the companies face various challenges throughout the journey. It has now become necessary for e- commerce sites to resolve these problems through expertise. Emsoftware Technology is one such company that provides accurate solutions. Located in the IT hub of India Emsoftware has a dense client network all around the world. Emsoftware is an all in one full-service internet-marketing firm. It provides customized marketing strategy which ranges from digital marketing to mobile application development. Through the well-planned strategic online marketing Emsoftware delivers cutting-edge and targeted solutions. This in turn helps the clients to convert leads and grow their business. The clients are benefited by the real-time data report that generates validates and reports online sales leads. Growing through Ups and Downs The journey of Emsoftware has been a rough one. The company was started in 2010 in a single room with just two employees. The initial struggle of the company was indeed challenging. At the time of the inception of Emsoftware the competition was high among the online marketing companies. In the year 2010 when the market was already saturated getting clients and providing solutions was not easy. As there were many players in the market offering solutions at unbeatable prices Emsoftware was facing difficulties to build itself. But again with the help of the team and family the company came across unique solutions to cater clients with excellent quality work and started capturing the market from local to the global market in just a few years. It can be said that overcoming the barriers by the company has led the company to achieve great heights. Emsoftware Shahid Pasha Founder 42 | January 2020

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dreamt to provide solutions at a reasonable price to those who can’t afford to take solutions from top companies in the market. This vision made a gateway for the company to enter the market. It further challenged many companies by providing distinct solutions to the customer at an economical price. Currently Emsoftware delivers complete IT services that include web development e-commerce solutions digital marketing and mobile applications. Depending on the requirements customized services are provided to both B2B and B2C clients. Resolving the Major Issues Throughout the years Emsoftware has seen its clients facing numerous problems in the e-commerce world. The major problems faced by e- commerce sites have varied range. One of the major problems is UI/UX. Security is another issue that needs minute attention. Other problems like the technology adopted by the clients are old compared to the current advancements which need to be chosen. Below are a few issues which are posing major problems in the present scenario: 1. Generating a target audience. 2. Generating quality leads. 3. Converting shoppers into paying customers. 4. Retaining Customers. 5. Choosing the right technology and solutions. Though these are a few mentionable issues there are various minor issues that cannot be overlooked. With the help of the Emsoftware team the company has come across unique solutions catering to the client’s needs. Through experience the company has proved to excel in providing quality services. From just a few customers today the firm has 1000+ customers across the globe. Future Roadmap Emsoftware has received the Best Technology Company award for the year 2019. It is also certified by ISO 9001:2015. Now in accordance with the certification the team at Emsoftware is dedicated to creating happier communities. This will be achieved by helping organizations analyze envision transform implement and evaluate various processes to achieve the desired goals. Through the extensive experience of the team the services are provided to various organizations. Despite providing specific solutions to specific clients it never restricted itself from exploring various domains. Said that Emsoftware™ has been providing a helping hand to various NGOs Healthcare Education Retail Hospitality and Public Corporations. The company further has set a goal to become the no. 1 e-commerce solution provider and digital marketing company in the entire country. Along with this the company wants to focus on helping new start-ups while keeping the costs as economical as possible. Shortly the company aims to be the exclusive company in the market to provide the best IT solutions for the health care sector. Our cutting-edge targeted solutions help you attract the right customers convert leads and grow your business “ “ MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS 43 January | 2020

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Towards the Digital Era E arlier shopping was done for occasions like birthdays anniversaries family functions festivals etc. For generations people have been going to local stores for shopping. Their loyalty towards the shop/shops were always maintained between the customers and the shopkeepers. Soon due to the influence of western culture and the innovation happening in the technological sector new trends and fashion were introduced. This influence made the customers start looking for latest choices. This is when new ventures like shopping malls brand outlets etc. started flourishing. With the development of digital technology e-Commerce websites came into existence. The eCommerce websites have features like huge variety of products offers quick doorstep delivery etc. These features are more lucrative for people helping the eCommerce industry boom. Many physical stores are going digital or marketing their presence online. This has revolutionized the entire retail and shopping scenario. Every brand is expanding their reach and attaining brand new set of customers too. Online shopping seems to be a convenient option for many—as customers do not have to leave their homes to purchase anything. Many people even today feel the need to touch and see the product before buying. Such people prefer retail shopping over online. Each of them have their benefits over the other. The shoppers OFFLINE ONLINE Vs. 46 | January 2020

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Anytime Shopping 47 January | 2020

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choose the mode of shopping based on their needs or comfort. Customers prefer online over retail shopping for many reasons. The Convenience The convenience of shopping at anytime any where is a hook for consumers. People of this era are always busy working living their life taking care of the family etc. In such busy schedules taking time out for shopping is a difficult thing. So people prefer to shop from their homes. Retail shopping does not give this convenience of shopping at anytime and it requires people to spare time from their schedule. The stores also have particular timings according to which people have to visit the shops. This makes retail shopping less attractive than online shopping. Higher Discounts and Offers The online stores offer undoubtedly high discounts that draw consumers towards online shopping rather than the traditional one. The high discounts are possible online due to the large amount of customers on this platform. Companies dealing with e-commerce get more business which means more money making it possible for the company to give discounts and offers regularly. Online business is easier to manage than the retail stores because it saves infrastructure costs for the companies. This makes it difficult for retail shops to offer discounts leading the consumers to online stores. Large Variety of Products People get to choose from a large variety of products with just a click. The more the variety the more they will buy. Also a wide range of products and services can be provided online. Unlike retail stores the more the products the more is the cost of infrastructure. When customers get ‘one stop shop’ platforms they prefer these over retails stores. It is easier for them to buy everything needed in one go at one place. Even the businesses get a bigger market online and have a global reach which is not possible through traditional retail stores. It is easy to spread the horizon of a business through internet which has a significant amount of users all over the world. Shopping is a hobby for some people and they like to shop for hours together. Online shopping offers the feature of shopping day and night to its customers. With the various offers and discounts some people keep buying stuff they like. Even stores do have offers but they are bound by conditions like only particular branches have the offer the offer is valid only when the store is open etc. These conditions are eliminated online which makes the consumers prefer online over retail. Even in today’s digital world few things need be done by going to the stores. Shopping for weddings functions traditional wears etc. is not done online by many people even today. Wedding lehengas wedding dresses etc. are very expensive to buy online. The trust factor plays a vital role here. On a special day like Wedding Day a bride would want to look good and by just looking at a picture of the dress online she cannot understand how she will look wearing it. This can be done in a store which helps the bride feel good and confident before buying the dress. Both – Online and Retail shopping have their own benefits. The value of both eCommerce websites and retail stores are completely different according to people’s view. It can be said that online shopping is preferred a bit more over retail shopping due to its attractive features. However choosing a winner among the two is not possible as of yet. -Shreevarshita Gupta 48 | January 2020

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Public Media Solution Providing Seamless Services Ranging from Public Relation to E-Commerce F or any company there are various factors for growth. Ranging from maintaining the public relationship to digital marketing a company needs to maintain an upward graph. While it is important that a company constantly capture new clients from the desired market it is also essential to retain the customers. Maintaining goodwill among the already established clients as well as the future clients is necessary for any company. Public Media Solution is one such company which has encompassed all the solutions that help a company grow continuously. The company exclusively focuses on delivering scalable and high- performance services. It mainly provides services like public relations mobile apps web apps software solutions blockchain and SPN services. Public Media Solution caters to diverse industries in Pune and globally as well. It provides expertise in creating managing and supporting prosperous software products. Along with this it is also helping its customers by providing exceptional solutions for social networks marketplaces real-time business analytics E-Commerce portals composite sync and associations. Established in 2014 Public Media Solution began its journey by forming strategic alliances with leading IT companies. The head office is located in the Magarpatta City in Pune. This location benefited the company to recognize communicate and connect with the multi-cultural and multi- lingual audience. Inspiring Personality Ravinder Bharti is the Founder and CEO of Public Media Solution. With his insightful vision he has been able to lead Public Media Solution to success. Through his extensive experience in the IT field he manages to constantly contribute towards the growth of his organization. He is an expert in search engine optimization SEO content marketing marketing consulting brand marketing digital marketing social media marketing and public relations Customized Solutions Public Media Solution provides a range of services that enables its clients to expand their footprint. The company creates promotes and supports its client’s reach through different software web and application development. This ensures that the clients receive high adaptability visibility and personalized training to generate an effective outcome. To enhance the digital delivery of clients Public Media Solution has been providing exceptional services. As it is important to positively represent the client to the entire world the company provides public relation services to amplify its network. It includes media relations reputation management corporate branding corporate communication internal communications media monitoring and analysis crisis management and visibility management. Today it is known that web development plays a vital role in the outreach of the company. Public Media Solution provides services which are industry-specific and customized to the current market needs. It ensures that clients are provided with a highly engaging effortlessly operable system as well as user-friendly web applications. Digital marketing is as important as owning a company. Having said that creating an impact in the online space is vital. That is when digital marketing comes to use. Various factors are considered while offering digital marketing services such as local SEO enterprise SEO on-page SEO off-page SEO SMO services and so on. Along with digital marketing the content of the website also affects the retention of any prospective client. Public Media Solution takes care of all these factors and offers effective services. The E-Commerce solution is another aspect that the company is currently providing. Customer Oriented Services Innovation is a major aspect of Public Media Solution. Through innovation and open culture within the team transformations and expansion are regularly promoted. While keeping innovation at its core the company also focus on communication as it helps everyone to function smoothly and deliver services on time. Public Media Solution has a very simple goal - strengthening the customer experience. This is done through broad domain expertise 50 | January 2020

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aptitudes and collaboration. Technology has always been aiding the company to improve its user experience. Keeping up with industry trends is mandatory as it helps the team at Public Media Solution to provide up to date services to its clients. It actively participates across corporations and deals with bodies such as DSCI NASSCOM and STPI. It also offers insights on software quality Intellectual Property Rights IPR infrastructure development and human resources training etc Through its enthusiastic team and their efforts Public Media Solution has been able to meet the expectations of its clients. It accomplishes this by: ⮚ Continuously enhancing the administration policy ⮚ Managing the environmental impression of the ventures and assistance ⮚ Conducting out procedures to advance equal possibilities and to guarantee gender impartiality ⮚ Strengthening local inhabitants by life culture maintenance and socio-economical activities ⮚ Accomplishing its own objectives and goals ⮚ Complying with judicial needs coordination and company’s systems Attaining Excellence Public Media Solution works on 5 main principles perfection reliability faith and support honour and willingness. It is explained as: Perfection: Our business solution differentiates privately by the active engagement commitment to enhance and stimulate user experience. Reliability: Our solutions dedicated to satisfying the requirements of individuals the curious multitudes and the environment by its superior productivity boosting the resources of the travel company. Faith and Support: Our solutions are responsible and reliable in all associations of global businesses with their valued clients. Honour: Our solutions promote compatibility and affection among persons acknowledging human heterogeneity. Willingness: Our diverse ranges of solutions are careful proactive impassionate and quick in complying with the duties and responsibilities of travel agencies. Furthermore Public Media Solution will continue to work towards providing excellent services to its clients through these values. We are enthusiastic in providing innovative comprehensive solutions to satisfy all our clients’ explicit requirements attempting to surpass their expectations within the quality framework equity honesty and sustainable extension. “ “ MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS Ravinder Bharti Founder and CEO 51| 2020 January

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Veniteck Solutions O ering Intelligent IT Solutions to a Wide Range of Businesses eniteck Solutions: Offering V Intelligent IT Solutions to a Wide Range of Businesses The e-commerce industry has been witnessing steep growth and market is epected to grow to US 200 bn by 2026. To cater to such a huge market requires a back-end support that keeps the market functioning smoothly. Companies which behind the market keep it updated and in sync with the latest trends and technology on a global level. Catering to the industry stalwarts and startups alike since 2007 is Veniteck Solutions.The company was initially named as Dreamz Consortium and operated under the same name for several years till November 2011 when the name was changed to Veniteck solutions. The reason cited for the name change was that company wanted a name which would relate to the IT environment. The company logo also changed with effect of the name change. Veniteck is currently headquartered in Bangalore India and has branches in Melbourne Australia Dubai UAE Lagos Nigeria and Manchester U.K.. The company cherishes in providing IT Services such as Software Development Website Designing Web Development and Mobile Apps IoT. The company has its main workforce operating from Bangalore supporting its other staffs located around the globe. Insights Success got in touch with Founder and Director - Ranjith Chandravalsan who describes his company Veniteck as a dream turned reality. Veniteck Solutions is a firm that pledges in maintaining a lasting professional affiliation with no dissonance between the clients and the folks performing the job. Eventually the strategy to widen enlist personnel and to relocate was ensuing. Read on as Ranjith shares more about Veniteck and its workings. Tell us something more about Veniteck Solutions Veniteck Solutions a client-centric business fuelled and obsessed by a passion for collaborating and growing into a global concern offers intelligent IT solutions to small medium and corporate businesses in a wide range of trade segments. We believe in client satisfaction and confidentiality are open to new technologies and ensure that every project we undertake is an achievement. We always work closely with our clients to develop IT solutions that helps them to get the absolute best out of their business. Our staff team have always adapted appropriate functionality based on years of listening to feedback from past and current customers. What type of offerings does Veniteck deliver Is it limited to B2C Please provide us with some details about it. • Business IT Consulting • Technology Service -Software Solutions -Web Solutions -Mobile Apps -IoT • Digital Marketing - SEO -SMO Veniteck Solutions the application development company in Bangalore has gained sufficient experience in developing web desktop mobile applications ventures both in India and overseas. Our team develops software that is competent and prolific enough to meet the specific requirements of the clients. The Microsoft development tools like .NET ASP.NET WPF WCF SQL Server SSRS and C are applied to the software development process. We also bring into use MSBI technology as per the requirement. Our fully equipped team excels in the latest web artistic design and technological advances. We provide top-class responsive web design to our diverse clients on extensive platforms in order to meet their requirements every single time. We are also into this BIG move focussing on developing ingenious products offering you comprehensive IoT and Mobile Applications solutions. Likewise portraying your ideas for real keeping it simple secure yet 52 | January 2020

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smart. This move will certainly result in adopting better technology for an even more enhanced and adept business. At our innovation centre we test and verify the newly developed software before its official launch to garner uninterrupted operation. Security factor is one of the major features of any software and we ensure all safety measures are executed and updated regularly keeping in view the security threats and the latest security patches being evolved from time to time. The software security is sealed and hallmarked by us in which data entry error checking through forms filtering output and encryption is the primary activities towards ensuring security. The services we offer under this banner includes: • ERP • CRM • Designing of Content Management Systems CMS • Web design refers to both the aesthetic portion of the website and its usability. • Build native apps for iOS Android web apps and hybrid apps using Xamarin What according to you are a few major problems faced by e-commerce sites How does Veniteck help solve such issues Major problems faced by E- Commerce Sites are: • Generating targeted traffic Solution: We leverage qualified traffic through various digital marketing platforms such as: SEO PPC Email Marketing Display Ads Retargeting Ads Optimizing each product page. • Customer Service Solution: To maintain customer loyalty we provide excellent customer service by blogging regularly Sending Emails being transparent on information. • Product return and refund: Solution: We Provide information that is transparent to the customers include FAQs to make things easier for our customer to understand. • Competitor Analysis: Solution: Regular competitor analysis to find out what products our competitors are offering how much they’re selling it for and what platforms they are using. • Problem of data security Solution: We solve this problem by installing an SSL certificate we use We lay emphasis on growing together and provide the best of service to our customers by providing eciency cost e ectiveness and a ordable solutions. “ “ MOST RECOMMENDED E-Commerce 10 THE SOLUTION PROVIDERS Ranjith Chandravalsan Founder Director 53| 2020 January

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a web application firewall Backup and restore important data implementing security awareness training. What are your views on people turning towards e- commerce sites from the traditional store-buying preference E-commerce sites are very important as there are many benefits over traditional store. Some benefits of e-commerce sites are listed below: convenient to shop online since it frees the customer from personally visiting the store.  They overcome Geographical Limitations.  Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility.  Eliminate Travel Time and Cost.  Locate the Product Quicker.  Provide Comparison Shopping.  Enable Deals Bargains Coupons and Group Buying.  Provide Abundant Information.  Remain Open All the Time. How do you envision the future of Veniteck We strive to grow into a global concern professed and valued as proficient partner with clients to help build a resilient agile contemporary trade with inventive technologies and maximise their corporate dreams. About the Leader: An engineering graduate from Bangalore Ranjith Chandravalsan comceptualized the company during the icy grey winter days of Melbourne sipping his favourite short black coffee and with far-reaching career thoughts. An incredible creative partnership with his mate filled out each others inadequacies and resulted in a venture collaboration. Talking about what kind of work they would like to create they nearly agreed on a few things and asked “what next” Thus Veniteck then Dreamz Consortium an IT firm that was more of a boutique than a big full-service firm was incoporated where their business associates were not just satisfied by their work but impressed. After inception in Melbounre the young and aspiring service provider relocated with headquarters in the Silicon City of India Bangalore.The prime phase in Bangalore was to boost the crew and focus on attaining the clientele’s requisites with Veniteck’s meticulous service. With years of its operations Veniteck Solutionsand Ranjith have carved a niche for themselves in the IT industry and the company is now increasingly accountable by acquiring some major projects. 54 | January 2020

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