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The 10 Secrets You Will Never Know About Cyber Security And Its Important www.info-savvy.com

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T O P I C S Keep software up so far You’re a target to hackers Avoid Phishing scams Practice good password management Concept www.info-savvy.com

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Know about Cyber Security Whether you’re a techie or not there’s a good chance that your life is very reliant on the net and its wonders. Your social media accounts are likely humming and you recognize your way round the IOT devices you employ . All of those devices connect you to the cyber world in a method or another. Here are 12 things to understand about cyber security. C o n c e p t www.info-savvy.com

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1  You’re a target to hackers Don’t ever say “It won’t happen to me”. We are all in danger and also the stakes are high – to your personal and financial well being and to the University’s standing and reputation - Keeping campus computing resources secure is everyone’s responsibility - By following the guidelines below and remaining vigilant you’re doing all your part to shield yourself and others. www.info-savvy.com

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2  Keep software up so far Installing software updates for your OS and programs is critical. Always install the newest security updates for your devices: - Turn on Automatic Updates for your OS. - Use web browsers like Chrome or Firefox that receive frequent automatic security updates. - Make absolute to keep browser plug-ins Flash Java etc. up so far . www.info-savvy.com

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3  Avoid Phishing scams Phishing scams are a continuing threat using various social engineering ploys cyber-criminals will plan to trick you into divulging personal information like your login ID and password banking or mastercard information. - Phishing scams are often administered by phone text or through social networking sites but most ordinarily by email. www.info-savvy.com

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4  Practice good password management We all have too many passwords to manage and it is easy to require short-cuts like reusing an equivalent password. A password management programlink is external can assist you to take care of strong unique passwords for all of your accounts. www.info-savvy.com

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Continue Reading.... https://www.info- savvy.com/the-10-secrets- you-will-never-know-about- cyber-security-and-its- important/ www.info-savvy.com

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ONLINE CHANNELS www.info-savvy.com

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