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10 Types of Identity Theft You Should Know About www.info-savvy.com

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TOPIC INDEX 1) What is identity theft? 2) What are the types of identity theft? 3) What are different techniques attackers use to get personal information for identity theft? 4) What are Indications of identity theft? www.info-savvy.com

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WHAT IS IDENTITY THEFT? I dentity theft could be a problem that several consumers face today. within the us , some state legislators have imposed laws restricting employees from providing their SSNs (Social Security Numbers) during their recruitment... www.info-savvy.com

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"If we don't act now to safeguard our privacy, We could all become victims of identity Theft " -BILL NELSON www.info-savvy.com

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WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF IDENTITY THEFT? 1) Child identity theft 2) Criminal identity theft 3) Financial identity theft 4) Financial identity theft 5) Driver's License fraud 6) Insurance identity theft 7) Medical identity theft 8) Tax identity theft 9) Identity Cloning and Concealment 10) Synthetic identity theft

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WHAT ARE DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES ATTACKERS USE TO GET PERSONAL INFORMATION FOR IDENTITY THEFT? 1) Internet Searches 2)  Social Engineering 3) Dumpster Diving and Shoulder Surfing 4) Phishing 5) Skimming 6) Pretexting 7) Pharming 8) Hacking 9) Wardriving 10) Mail Theft and Rerouting www.info-savvy.com

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WHAT ARE INDICATIONS OF IDENTITY THEFT? People don't realize that they're the victim of identity theft until they experience some unknown and unauthorized issues occurring thanks to their stolen identity. Therefore, it's of paramount importance that folks should be careful for the warning signs for his or her identities....... www.info-savvy.com

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