Why Wool for Infant Car Seat Covers and Baby Blankets

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http://www.cuddlyinfantcovers.com Find cute, organic, wool baby products including infant car cover seats, baby blankets, and mattress pads. All organic, and non-toxic. The safest luxury fabric for your baby.


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Why Baby Blankets and Infant Car Seat Covers should use Wool A luxury item to protect your baby Wool is not a cheap product. When you want the best for your loved one, you should consider wool. Wool has many synthetic substitutions, but nothing comes as close to the real thing. Wool Infant Car Seat Covers

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Long-lasting and Durable Wool fabrics are known to be durable and flexible. Wool fiber has the ability to be bent 20,000 or more times without breaking. Unlike cotton which will break after 3,000 bends, silk after 2,000 bends, and rayon which can bend a mere 75 times before it breaks. With adequate care, wool is made to last. Wool's elastic fibers stretch, instead of breaking, so wool blankets will retain their shape. Its natural elasticity also helps to prevent tearing.

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Easily absorbs moisture Wool has the ability to sponge up to 30% of its weight in moisture without any feelings of moistness or dampness. It will wick moisture away from the body, like your favorite sweat wicking undershirt. Wool has a reputation as a temperature regulator which means it keeps the body in both warm and cold, depending on conditions. Consider the people who love in the desert. They often wear wool because it's a versatile all-season fabric. Infact, some men wear wool suits in the summer, called Tropical Suits! Wool insulates very well. It traps heat and dead air close to the body within its fibers. However, wool is also a decent water repellent. Small doses of liquid, like a simple spill, light rain or snow, will simply run down and off the fabric. Ever wonder why fishermen wear wool sweats? It's because wool keeps you warm, even if you're wet. Wool retains 80% of its insulating value even after saturated. Great for infant car seat covers.

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Stays clean after you use it One of the best qualities of wool blankets is that they don't soil easily, even by grease and oils. It also does not wrinkle easily. Remember, wool is resistant to wear and tear. Usually, wool will not have any irritating effects on a person's skin. After conducting some research, some scientists note that most fibers greater than 30 microns in diameter are rigid enough so that they won't bend when they touch your skin. In others, they will never give a “poking” feeling to touch. So as long as your wool products are less than 30 microns, they will fee ultra-soft. Consider that babydoll wool can be from 23.5 and to 29 microns.

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Won't catch fire Wool is great for interior designers since it's naturally resistant to flames. In fact, wool will not melt unlike traditional clothing made of cotton. That makes it especially safe for baby blankets and baby clothes. After exposed to fire, wool will char or smolder, and self-extinguish any flames. It does not support combustion. Did you know that throwing wool blankets over a fire, is a conventional fire safty tip? This makes it very safe for infant car seat covers, in the event of a car crash.

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