VoIP Traffic in Wholesale VoIP Business

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VoIP Traffic is an important part of the Wholesale VoIP Business. The efficient management of the VoIP Traffic helps the business to run smoothly and grow at a rapid pace.


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Wholesale VoIP Business deals with bulk volume of VoIP Routes . Transaction of VoIP Routes for A-Z destinations (countries) around the world takes place . Wholesale VoIP involves buying, selling even exchange VoIP Routes . Good quality VoIP Routes and VoIP Traffic helps this business to progress well.


VoIP Traffic is either the amount of data or the number of messages over a circuit during a given period of time . Traffic includes the relationship between call attempts on traffic sensitive equipment and the speed with which the calls are completed . Traffic analysis enables one to determine the amount of bandwidth that one requires in circuits for data or voice calls . VoIP Traffic uses Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) to transport voice traffic.


Implementation of Qos (Quality of Service) before VoIP Measuring the quality of the VoIP traffic that the network receives Troubleshooting for VoIP Traffic


Malicious traffics are certain type of VoIP Traffic which causes network disruption and also at times heavy loses to the VoIP user or in a VoIP business . Example: SIP-flood attack


VoIP Traffic is integral to the Wholesale VoIP business . Wholesale VoIP business involves transaction of bulk volume of A-Z VoIP Routes . The rates of VoIP Routes differ according to the destination, quality and also the Service Provider.


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