Role of VoIP Traffic in Wholesale VoIP Business

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VoIP Traffic is important for the Wholesale VoIP Business. The amount of Traffic and its efficient management helps the business to run smoothly and grow at a rapid pace.


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• Wholesale VoIP Business deals with bulk volume of VoIP Routes. • Transaction of VoIP Routes for A-Z destinations countries around the world takes place. • Wholesale VoIP involves buying selling even exchange VoIP Routes. • Good quality VoIP Routes and VoIP Traffic helps this business to progress well.

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• VoIP Traffic is either the amount of data or the number of messages over a circuit during a given period of time. • Traffic includes the relationship between call attempts on traffic sensitive equipment and the speed with which the calls are completed. • Traffic analysis enables one to determine the amount of bandwidth that one requires in circuits for data or voice calls. • VoIP Traffic uses Real-time Transport Protocol RTP to transport voice traffic.

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• Implementation of Qos Quality of Service before VoIP • Measuring the quality of the VoIP traffic that the network receives • Troubleshooting for VoIP Traffic

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Malicious traffics are certain type of VoIP Traffic which causes network disruption and also at times heavy loses to the VoIP user or in a VoIP business. Example: SIP-flood attack

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• VoIP Traffic is integral to the Wholesale VoIP business. • Wholesale VoIP business involves transaction of bulk volume of A-Z VoIP Routes. • The rates of VoIP Routes differ according to the destination quality and also the Service Provider.

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