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Pandora Media Kit:

Pandora Media Kit

A Brief History of Pandora:

Pandora launches mobile app ads Sept ’08 Apple launches the iPhone 3G and opens the iTunes App Store, where Pandora quickly becomes one of the top five downloads July ’08 Pandora launches on the web, based on Tim Westergren’s Music Genome Project November ’05 Pandora Users mobilize to petition Congress against royalty hikes Jun ’07 Ford announces it will build a voice-activated Pandora application into certain models Dec ’09 First display ads run on Dec ’05 October ’10 Mercedes announces Pandora integration. Audio ads launch on December ’06 First video ads on Feb ’07 Android OS launches Sept ’09 Apple releases the iPad. Pandora has a customized app available at launch April ’10 Pandora is released for Blackberry OS March’09 Pandora is present on over 200 devices, from smartphones and tablets to TVs, Blu-ray players and set-top boxes A Brief History of Pandora From a dream to create a genetic code for music, Pandora now makes up more than half of all Internet radio in the US. 2005 2010 2007 2008 2009 2010 2006

Pandora is Personalized Radio:

Pandora is Personalized Radio The right person, time and place Mobile Consumer Electronics Online Auto

A Premium Environment with Precise Targeting:

A Premium Environment with Precise Targeting One ad per page (display) Three ads per hour (audio) Ads delivered on user-interaction Targeted by: Age Gender Location Genre Full Reporting, tracking, and ROI measurement!

Homepage Banners :

Homepage Banners Overview The homepage banners are standard IAB units placed beside the tuner on the homepage, the most heavily trafficked page on Pandora. Benefits Can be targeted to age, gender, location and music genre. Ads are only served on user interaction to your target audience to guarantee no wasted impressions. Available sizes: 300x600, 300x250 and 160x600

Homepage Banners + Custom Color Skin :

Homepage Banners + Custom Color Skin Overview The ultimate advertising experience on Pandora, this opportunity presents your brand and surrounds the entire music tuner for maximum exposure. Standard IAB units are placed beside the tuner on the Pandora homepage. Benefits Premiere placement on the most visited page on Pandora Own over 50% of the page’s real estate with a custom color skin wrapping the ad unit Does not infringe upon the radio listening experience

Audio Advertising on Mobile :

Audio Advertising on Mobile Overview In-stream audio ads that reach millions of listeners who access the Pandora app on their mobile devices . Benefits The most effective way to reach Pandora listeners on-the-go Music is paused briefly between songs to play only one 15 second audio ad at a time Clickable companion screen offers engagement beyond a one-way audio message Includes the now-playing banner that follows for extended engagement Full-screen companion banner displayed for the entire duration of audio message (Android) Now-playing banner that follows audio and companion ad when music resumes (Android)

Auto-Play Video :

Auto-Play Video Overview This homepage video unit plays when a Pandora listener changes stations or skips a song. Benefits Delivers a rich branded message when listeners opt to change stations or skip music (music is paused momentarily) Companion banner and in-tuner tile ensure 100% share of voice when the video plays Companion banner and the video are clickable Also available on mobile devices. Auto-play video covering the Pandora tuner In-Tuner Tile that is left behind when video resolves


Appendix Registered User Growth Gender and Age Demographics Contact Details

Benefit from Pandora’s Rapid Viral Growth :

Jan. 11 Jan. 10 Jan. 09 Jan. 08 Jan. 07 Jan. 06 Online registrations Mobile registrations User Registrations (Millions) Source: Internal metrics, 02/11 More than 85 million registered users and growing FAST 36.3 million unique monthly visitors 8.2 million average daily users 3.2 million new users a month Fastest growing radio site Users recommend Pandora to 10 or more people Benefit from Pandora’s Rapid Viral Growth

Mobile Growth :

Source: Internal metrics, 02/11 Mobile Activations (Millions) Pandora is one of the top 5 apps across all smartphone platforms More than 160,000 mobile activations a day Mobile Growth

Demographics :

Age Average Age: 30 African-American Hispanic Asian Other Caucasian Male Female Gender Ethnic Background Demographics Cross-platform approach ensures broad reach across age, gender, ethnicity, occupation, education and household income.

Demographics :

Demographics Occupation 88% Employed Education HS/Vocational College Grad Some Post- Grad or More Some College Household Income Average HHI: $75,000 Under $35K $35K– $49,999 $75K– $99,999 $100K+ $50K–$74,999