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Impulse Studio in the Media. All about Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training.


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IMPULSE TRAINING ELECTRIC MUSCLE STIMULATION With Impulse Training you do a variety of functional dynamic and easy to follow exercises. The difference with your regular workout Youre wearing a functional vest with electrodes. Sounds high-tech doesnt it Thats because it is 21st Century Training Electric Muscle Stimulation EMS reproduces the body’s natural process of voluntary muscular contraction with “optimal” electrical impulses. Your body fires up your muscles by sending electrical impulses from your brain through your central nervous system resulting in a contraction. Just as your body doesn’t know the difference between squats or deadlifts it doesn’t know the difference between voluntary contraction or an electrically induced one it only recognizes stimulus. The contractions through EMS allow you to target specific muscles through different intensities of stimulation length of contraction and rhythm. Meaning you can target specific problem areas a lot easier. EMS elicits much more powerful contractions than possible from regular training. Thats why you can only do it for 20 minutes max per session – its that intense All these make EMS much more effective than conventional fitness training. The electric impulse stimulation works on the deeper muscle tissue as well to improve your posture as well as your overall well-being. The blood circulation of the muscular and connective tissues will be enhanced which leads to a firmer more toned skin. Goodbye cellulite The muscle workout makes bones stronger so they are more resistant to fractures and indirectly helps avoid osteoporosis. And of course you increase your strength shape your body and improve your performance The EMS-principle is not new: it has been used for decades in the rehabilitation and sports medicine pro-athletic sports and physiotherapy. And now its available for everyone.

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76 November 2016 Brand Connect G etting one such unique concept to India is Malaysian brand Impulse Studio. Bringing a newer and quicker form of fitness to India Impulse Studio is beginning its India journey in December 2016 from Bangalore looking at expanding to newer regions here in phases through the franchising route. Manohar Iyer Founder Impulse Studios India spoke to The Franchising World on what’s special about the brand and the accolades that the brand has achieved in the international markets. It’s unique it’s faster Impulse studio is bringing what is called Electric Muscle Stimulation EMS to the Indian fitness market that has never been seen before. “At Impulse Studio our workout is only 20 minutes that is equivalent to 2-3 hours of strength workout at the conventional gym” says Iyer. He adds that the brand follows the FASTER philosophy where “F stands for Friendly and Relaxed environment to cater to our mature and professionals’ target market. Our studio is designed like a lounge for a non-gym feeling. A stands for Achievable workout and results for all age groups. S stands for CASE STUDY IMPULSE STUDIO Faster Fitness Rapid Expansion The Indian ftness industry is worth over Rs 4500 crore and is expected to cross Rs 7000 crore by 2017. The industry growing at a CAGR of 16 to 18 per cent year on year is currently posing a huge scope for innovations and newer concepts as the modern Indian becomes more willing to spend time and money on ftness. By Pragati Ratti Sharma

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78 November 2016 Brand Connect CASE STUDY IMPULSE STUDIO Malaysia’s Rising Star Recently Impulse Studio has been awarded as ‘Outstanding Rising Star 2016’ by MRCA Malaysian Retail Chain Association. This is just another addition to the accolades that the brand has achieved in the Malaysian market. The list includes the brand being the winner of TERAJU Superbiz pitch for startup and young entrepreneurs with innovative and creative ideas in 2014. Impulse Studio was also awarded as the best EMS studio worldwide powered XBody in 2014. The India plan: Rapid expansion through franchising India has the third highest number of obese and overweight people after the US and China. Added to that is the lethargic lifestyle and busy work schedule of the average Indian today. Launching its first studio in Bangalore in India in December this year Impulse Studio is looking at rapid expansion in the country to address this issue faster. “We acknowledge this fact and we are here with a mission to motivate people to preserve their health by simply exercising in a short yet effective training. By franchising many people can benefit from our training and still enjoy the quality. That is why we would like to expand rapidly. Our motto is impulsing getting fitter faster. So it’s minimum hassle and maximum convenience” says Iyer. The unique Malaysian brand plans to be present in all metros and Tier I Franchise Facts Investment Rs 35 - 85 Lakhs Area 300 – 1200 sqft Preferred location Residential and office areas Number of outlets 14 Return on investment Rs. 1.5 - 3.5 Lakhs per month depending on the Impulse Studio Concept Breakeven 9-15 months Target Cities Metros and Tier I Cities in Phase 1 Year of Inception 2014 Year of starting franchise operations 2015 Systematic and Simple to follow business so we can grow and expand rapidly yet maintain the quality. T stands for Time saving workout and Transparency in business. E stands for Equal and Excellent services and Effective and Efficient Training. And R stands for Responsible and Reliable team members and partners.” cities as part of its Phase 1 expansion and says that a lot of people have shown keen interest in owning the brand. The brand is also exploring options to expand to Tier II cities once they have the studios up and running in Metros and Tier I cities. Impulse Studio India is promising a break even within 9 to 15 months to its franchisees. Besides this the support that the brand is providing includes marketing and technical support. “To ensure quality and effective training we offer Impulse Academy to all our franchisees. We also offer Impulse technology mobile and software applications for business owners/partners for easy monitoring” states Iyer. Conquering Asia Impulse Studios have 7 existing and 7 under construction studios at present and many more to come in the near future. They have studios in Malaysia Singapore and China Shanghai. “So far our business model was more about partnerships. We help our partners in other countries to set up their own studios through apt guidance. We have adopted the franchise model for expansion to cater to the growing market demands across the Asian market. We have our partner studios in Shanghai Malaysia and Singapore with further expansion plans for Indonesia and Thailand” says Iyer. Spreading the ‘Get fit faster’ mania across Asia Impulse Studio aims to have 100 studios by 2020. ll QUICK QA USP of Impulse Studio Get Fitter Faster. One word for Impulse Studio Faster Number of studios by 2020 100 One quality that you’re looking for in your franchisees Same visions One thing you’d like to say to your future franchisees. Let’s get stronger and fitter together Business and Health

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I I I I ./ LAUNCHPAD I IMPULSE STUDIO Pro FIT ability Stimulator EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulator is catching up fast in the fitness segment across the world. It is a compact fst paced 20 minutes workout regime which ensures equivalent resuhs of 2-3 hours in a conventional gym. There are over 2500 EMS studios in Ccnnany alone. Manohar Iyer � an IT JHoessional wmking in Mala y sia met Dirk Schmcllcnkamp Co-Founder IMPULSE STUDIOS. Overwhelmed by the results of EMS which made him lose 24 kilos in a short span of time he collaborated with Dirk to bring it home. · Thar is how Impulse Studio entered the Indian market. In an exclusive interview Dirk md Iyer explains how to achieve healthy targets that reflects on your revenues with Utpala Ghosh. "hat inspired you to start the impulse studio We are very well aware of the growing obesity and unhealthy lifestyles and the negative impact .it is having on peoples lives in Asia. Workouts take a back seat in our fast paced life majorly due to time constraint. EMS addresses this issue in an efficient manner and delivers excellent results. I have been training with EMS in Munich Germany for a long time now and was impressed with the results. It was then that I thought of introducing EMS in Asia. "at is te USP of the brand The main USP of our EMS program is a 20 minutes workout which is equivalent to 2-3 hours of workout at the regular gym. We have developed four unique fitness programs which have attained worldwide acclaim due to their training protocols in combination with Electric 16 / / Oc6e 20/6

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-�. -- tis �� Muscle Stimulation Training. These programs answer to ones specific needs and fitness goals. We offer specific solution such as weight loss body sculpting sports training program that all lead to fast and lasting results. Please share wt us your opinion on the grow of ftness studios in India. Wat ar the factors that are leading to the grwth I think India is still at a nascent stage in the fitness movement. However during my visits to India I have noticed the changing trend where people are getting more and more aware of their health conditions. This is also what made us think of bringing Impulse Studio here - because we see a need for fast efficient and result oriented fitness technology in India that we want to cater to. Wat potentals do you fresee in India I see huge potential in New Delhi Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad and Chennai as front runners to embrace this concept but it is just matter of time before other metros and tier 2 cities will follow suit. Why did you opt fr fanchising So far our business model was more about partnerships. We help our partners in other countries to set up their own studios through apt guidance. We have adopted the franchise model for expansion to cater to the growing market demands across the Asian market. We have our partner studios in Shanghai Vietnam Malaysia and Singapore with further expansion plans for Indonesia and Thailand. We are very happy to open our first studio in Bangalore this December and more planned in the pipeline acr�ss India. What are your expansion plans We are planning to be present in all metros and Tierl cities as part of our phase 1 expansion and there are lot of people who have shown keen interest to own our brand and help us expand. We are exploring options to expand to Tier2 cities once we have the studios up and running in Metros and Tierl cities. How many cents do you plan to open by te end of 2016 We plan to sign up 10 centres pan India by end of 2016 with our studios coming up in Bangalore Mumbai New Delhi Chennai Hyderabad as a part of our phase I expansion. But 1st quarter of 2017 is when we would see lot of action and expansion across India. • • 11 / / Oc6e 20/6 I I

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IMPULSE STUDIO | tatler focus Studio helps me cut down the flab build up the muscles and tone my body. I’m on my way to my Greek God body thanks to the dedication and hard work of the Impulse team to bring positive change in people’s lives. It’s great that Impulse is now going to India and Australia as well.” There are other testimonials like this from those who have lost weight through the help of Impulse Studio aside from Manohar. So what are you waiting for Book a session today available through a variety of packages as well as a monthly membership programme. Call 03-2202 1511 or visit its website at for details. n The best part about Impulse is that it only takes about 20 minutes twice a week to give you the results equivalent to two or three hours at a regular gym. The workouts are intense and requires no weights. There is no need to bring your gym bag because your workout attire—sanitised for your comfort and hygiene—is all provided for plus there is also a clean shower stall lockers and amenities such as toiletries towels and hairdryers provided for you. Workout is done barefoot so there’s no need to buy sport shoes. In an approximate time frame of 20 minutes you will be put through a rigorous and customised HIIT a combination of cardio and strength training with EMS- induced resistance in replacement of weights—all designed in alignment with your personal goals and body requirements. But don’t just take our word for it as one of their regulars technology director Manohar Iyer shares his testimony: “Impulse I n just a space of a year or so EMS-centric fitness centre Impulse Studio has expanded its business on a regional scale. From starting out with a branch on Jalan Telawi 3 Impulse Studio now operates five centres in Malaysia and two in Shanghai— an incredible feat considering when the company first started its team and trainers had to spend a lot of time educating its customers what EMS is all about. To the uninitiated EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation EMS to give you an intense workout. But lest you worry about electric shocks rest assured EMS is gentle on your joints. EMS has been used for decades in pro-athletic sports—for physiotherapy rehabilitation and sports medicine. EMS helps you to build muscle reduce body fat and relieve you of your back problems. Athletes who swear by EMS include Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema and French national rugby player Vincent Clerc. Get the body you want through the intense 20-minute workouts powered by EMS at Impulse Studio Fast and Fit guaranteed satisfaction EMS training before and after pictures of their client Monahar Iyer Impulse studio

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