Tip and Tricks to Enhance the look of your home using natural stone

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You don’t need to be a millionaire to build a stylish and elegant dream house. The simple yet stunning beauty of natural stone siding is enough to make your home interiors envy-worthy. Even the simplest design can transform your boring interior. If you’re looking for a siding material that will remain relevant for the years to come, don’t look far and install real stone on your walls. To incorporate natural stone wall in enhancing your home interior, consider the following tips and tricks. For more information visit : http://www.impexstones.com/


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Natural Stone Wall in Enhancing Your Interior: Tips and Tricks Gone are the days when natural stone gives off an ancient and cold ambiance that seems offbeat for modern houses. Decorative and natural stones have now carved their way into contemporary homes without disturbing the fresh simplistic and no-fuss appeal you’re aiming for. If you let out the creative genius in you you can even make these stone pieces become a focal component of your home. New Trend in Interior Design This natural building material is not a newcomer in interior design but how did it become one of the hottest trend in home interiors From decorating cafés diners and other public establishments the many advantages of natural stone apart from its beauty and uniqueness are now fully realized by designers and homeowners alike:  The irregularity in its structure blends well with clean lines in modern interior  Its unique texture can easily create an interesting accent in any room  Unsurpassed durability that is easy to maintain  There’s a wide variety of products to choose from 1

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 It fits any style and budget  The beautiful rich texture is never boring  Natural earthy and Eco-friendly Making it Work with Your Interior Installing stone pieces can be tricky. While it can provide visually striking texture and colors too much can actually overwhelm your home. To incorporate natural stone wall in enhancing your home interior consider the following tips and tricks: 1. In small rooms too much pattern and texture can make it look cluttered and overwhelming. It doesn’t mean stones are out. Consider decorating only a portion of the wall with natural stones. That way you get the same effect without the “cramped up” look. 2. Stones often make a room appear colder. To counter that use materials and textures such as furs knitted floor cushions cashmere and timber. Warm colors will also make a room look inviting. Yellows oranges and reds add bright accents to a cool interior. 3. When using stone veneer with different sizes and shapes one way of enhancing the dramatic patterns of stones is by highlighting the seams with a different color. 4. Should you decide to renovate a room and alter the strong accent that natural stones create you can paint the stone wall with muted colors. This lets you keep the wonderful texture of stones while reducing visual overload. 5. Creative lighting ideas can provide distinct impact to stone walls. Whether you want to accentuate the natural tones and texture of the wall or create a more dramatic effect it only takes tweaking the light placement or replacing bulbs with LED lights. 6. You can still use it in your kitchen or bathroom. When using stones as a fantastic back splash or an interesting bathroom wall is to seal it tight with the right adhesive and other waterproofing products. 7. Choose the right type of stone that will complement your interior. Bricks and stones with uniform shapes are good for contemporary homes while large pieces or irregular shapes work well with country-style or rustic-themed interiors. 2

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