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Established in the year 2015, Impex Stone is a privately owned brand that offers a range of decorative stones along with natural stones, briquettes, wood siding and laminated stones. It has a strong management that holds employees that are dedicated to offering the best quality stones to its clients. It has an outstanding inventory and storage capacity that makes it easy for its clients to get the best quality service. For more details, log on


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Black Quartzite Verona Santorini Natural Stones SIZES SPECIFICATIONS RECOMMANDATIONS NOTES Per box: 6.7 sq.ft - 0.62 m 2 /box Santorini: 7.6 sq.ft - 0.71 m 2 /box Corner stones per box: 3.5 lin.ft 6.7 sq.ft/box Santorini: 4 lin.ft 7.6 sq.ft/box Approximate size: Height: 6" - Lenght: 24" - Thickness: 1/2" to 1 1/2 " Stones: 7 stones per box Santorini: 8 stones per box Corner stones: 7 corner stones per box Santorini: 8 corner stones per box 2 pieces 1 corner Corner stones approximate size: 6"x6" 6"x18" 48 boxes/skid Estimated 55 lbs/box Outdoor installation: Yes. Santorini: Indoor installation only. Recommended adhesive: Indoor: LTC Mortar Adhesive. Outdoor: Mortar adhesive with polymer. Follow manufacturer’s instruction according to installation type. Black Quartzite: Quartzite stone use PS470 sealer. TRENDY COLLECTION 1 877-973-1732 450-973-1732 WALL DESIGN