Impex Stone offers Unique yet Trendy Natural Stones in Laval

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Founded in the year 2005, Impex Stone is a company that imports quality decorative bricks and stones. The company distinguishes itself from other companies by the professionalism it offers to its customers. The directors and employees have the most diversified inventory along with a great storage capacity. The company also provides natural stones in Laval and other places around in Canada. Its products include bricks, concrete products, leather tiles, metal tiles and more. To get information on this, log on


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Natural Stones CONTEMPORARY COLLECTION SIZES SPECIFICATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS NOTES Per box: 5.8 sq.ft - 0.54 m 2 /box Palermo: 5.16 sq.ft - 0.48 m 2 /box Corner stones per box: 3 lin.ft. 5.8 sq.ft/box Palermo: 4.5 lin.ft. 5.16 sq.ft/box Approximate size: Height: 6" - Lenght: 24" - Thickness: 1/2 "- 3/4" Palermo: H: 6" - L: 15 3/4 " - T: 3/8 "- 3/4" Stones: 6 stones per box Palermo: 9 stones per box Corner stones: 6 corners per box Palermo: 9 corners per box 2 pieces 1 corner Corner stones approximate size: 6"x6" 6"x18" Palermo: 6"x6" and 6"x9 1/4 " 48 boxes/skid - Estimated 50 lbs/box Palermo: 70 boxes/skid - Estimated 30 lbs/box Outdoor installation: No Recommended adhesive: White LTC Mortar Adhesive. Follow manufacturer’s instruction according to installation type. Warning: The use of a sealer will emphasize the veinings of the stone. Arabica Griffon Palermo Baltic WALL DESIGN