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ILA International has been offering financial management and stock brokering services to an international array of clients since 2008. Our team of industry experts are comprised of a broad spectrum of financial analysts, financial researchers and brokers who share a collective experience of over a century. For more information visit:


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ILA International Wealth Management Hong Kong

Wealth Management Hong Kong:

Wealth Management Hong Kong At ILA International we believe through decades of experience that wealth creation and management is a process that begins with the same simple steps, regardless of how much capital you begin with. Managing and growing your wealth in the right way can be extremely rewarding not only for your business but also for your family’s long-term aspirations, dreams, and goals. Here at ILA International, we use a simple approach. We first establish the level of capital you would like to grow. We then go to work in finding solutions and opportunities that enhance your quality of life regardless of whether you are retired, own a business, work as an employee or even starting in your career. Wealth management begins with creating a portfolio based on your needs, goals, and maturity in life.

Wealth Management Hong Kong:

Wealth Management Hong Kong We fully understand that for an individual or organization to entrust the management of their wealth to a firm like ours will initially be a big step. Hence, we believe in first showing clients the level of our service on a small to medium-sized amount of capital first. This gives us time to fully prove our skills in growing your wealth within an agreed frame of time. Also, it will build your confidence in the strategy we use for you in the capital markets. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, we aim to grow, nurture and most importantly protect your wealth by bringing you the best advice at the right time.

Wealth Management Hong Kong:

Wealth Management Hong Kong There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ investment strategy. Each of our clients enjoys a personal consultation to uncover their needs beyond the superficial and then decide on the best plan to achieve their success. You will receive a fully tailored investment plan with your long-term goals divided up into smaller financial milestones, allowing you to celebrate and experience regular accomplishments. With your portfolio manager having full exposure to the global financial markets, we can create a diverse portfolio for you. Whether you feel more comfortable trading on your local markets or are looking to expand into the international sector, we have the experience and tools required to get you where you want to be. 

Wealth Management Hong Kong:

Wealth Management Hong Kong With your financial success in mind at every turn, your portfolio manager will work to meet and beat your targets. With daily/weekly/monthly updates to your account by email, telephone, or even in person, we give you updates when you need them. Every member of our team will be there to assist you in turning your dreams into reality. Contact ILA International today to discover how simply we can grow and manage your wealth.

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