Cybersecurity- How to Stay Secure

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Bankstown Head Office 393-395 Hume Highway Bankstown NSW 2200 PH No.1300255428 Cybersecurity: How to Stay Secure Always According to a popular article by Forbes more than 200 billion things will be connected via Internet by 2020. Everything including cars planes homes cities and even animals are getting connected through technological intervention. As technology is getting more and more deeply integrated into our lives cyber risk is becoming bigger than ever. What Statistics Says According to the Global Risks report 2017 published by the World Economic Forum 90 of the companies are ill-equipped to deal the cyber-attacks. Listed below are some popular predictions on cyber-attacks: • Cybercrime damage costs will reach 6 trillion by 2021. Cybercrime continues to grow in the growing cyber market. • Global ransomware damage costs predicted to exceed 5 billion by the end of 2017. This is a 15 percent increases as compared to last two years and is expected to rise.

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Bankstown Head Office 393-395 Hume Highway Bankstown NSW 2200 PH No.1300255428 • By 2019 businesses will fall victim to ransomware attack every 14 seconds. How and Why CyberSecurity Should Matter to Your Business Protecting your business from online risks is not only avoiding financial losses but also making yourself stable against threats. What if your personal contacts important data email list or customer details are stolen To protect your company’s sensitive data from such random incidents cybersecurity should be your top priority. The best way to prevent such occurrences is to hire a managed service provider for your business as sometimes recovery may be more expensive than protecting. This is where ICTechnology can help you to stay secure while online browsing accessing the non-secured Internet or security breaches. ICTechnology provides easy tips and technological solution against cybercrimes like Ransomware. To begin with let’s talk about one of the simplest but crucial step to your security measures – Creating a Strong Password for all- important transactions. According to the new NIST password guidelines 2017 you should build a stronger password to improve your security from cyber-attacks. New NIST 2017 Guidelines for Password Security: Your password should include a long string of letters numbers and symbols on its head. Let’s look into the key changes in NIST’s new digital identity guidelines: • Create a memorable password. Don’t jumble up letters numbers and symbols. • Single dictionary words or numeric sequences like 1235456 should be banned.

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Bankstown Head Office 393-395 Hume Highway Bankstown NSW 2200 PH No.1300255428 • Screen your password strength against cybercriminal dictionary attacks. • Don’t change password frequently as it leads to poor password being created. By creating a strong password you can protect your data to large extent. Call ICTechnology at 1300-255-428 to get more information on how to create a strong password for individual and business. With our team of highly experienced professionals we will proactively overcome the cyber threats creating a safe and risk-free work environment. For your queries related to cybersecurity and data recovery please contact us at 1300-255-428. You can also drop your query in the comment section along with contact details. To get our latest articles right away in your inbox please subscribe to our blog. Stay tuned to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages for getting our latest updates. Please follow our company page:

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