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Writing about Writing and Collaboration in an Online Freshman English Course:

Eileen Peters Myra Salcedo Sarah Banschbach Rebecca Babcock University of Texas of the Permian Basin Writing about Writing and Collaboration in an Online Freshman English Course

Group Paper for English 1301:

Group Paper for English 1301 Course Objective : Participate effectively in groups with emphasis on listening, critical and reflective thinking, and responding. Group Paper Prompt : The purpose of this assignment is to get you familiar with the group writing strategies and techniques Wolfe notes in her book, and then employ those strategies into an argumentative, interesting essay that your group will write together. The topic is open except for the following requirements: 1. It needs to be about writing, in some way, shape or form. 2. It needs to incorporate at least two readings from Conversations About Writing . [our primary WAW textbook] 3. It needs to say something unique or argumentative.

Team Preparation Worksheet:

Team Preparation Worksheet 1. What strengths do you have relative to this project? (Check all that apply.) ___ Above-average writing ability ___ Above-average information-finding/research skills ___ Above-average computing skills ___ Above-average visual design/graphic design skills ___ Above-average leadership or management skills ___ Other (Describe):__________________________ 2. What would you most like to learn from this project? (Check all that apply.) ___ Improve writing speed ___ Improve writing skills ___ Improve editing skills ___ Improve research skills ___ Improve data analysis skills ___ Improve PowerPoint skills ___ Improve other computer skills ___ Improve visual design skills ___ Improve management skills ___ Other (Describe): 3. What is your level of commitment to the project? (Check the one that best applies.) ___ I plan to get an A on this project and will make whatever sacrifices are necessary. ___ I want an A but am limited in the time/effort I can dedicate to the project. ___ I will be satisfied with a B on this project. ___ My goal is simply to receive a passing grade on this project. 4. What scheduling issues or other commitments do you have that might interfere with this project? 5. What concerns do you have about your skills or abilities that might affect how your team views your performance on this project? 6. Would you like to negotiate an agreement with the team that assigns you less responsibility for the project in exchange for a lower grade? 7. In your opinion, what does this team have to accomplish to make this project a success?

Team Charter:

Team Charter Broad Team Goals Measurable Team Goals Personal Goals Individual Commitment Other concerns Conflict Resolution Communication Ground Rules Missed Deadlines Unacceptable Work

Communication Styles:

Communication Styles Discussion Style Competitive Highly Considerate Presentation Style Self-deprecating Self-promotional Problem Solving Style Holistic Action-oriented

PowerPoint Presentation:

need screen shot of file sharing in blackboard course

Are we going to have internet?:

Are we going to have internet?