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Providing Badges for Self-Paced Professional Development Modules:

Providing Badges for Self-Paced Professional Development Modules Dr. Carolyn Awalt - Dr. Teresa Cortez College of Education, UTEP W ith the kind assistance of Cyndi Castro Manager, Blackboard Central - Academic Technologies, UTEP IOL 2014 May 22, 2014

The Origin: Saturday Solutions Workshops:

The Origin: Saturday Solutions Workshops Professional development/mentoring for new and aspiring teachers – 8 years

What Worked:

What Worked Mentoring Networking One on One Critical Friends Protocol

What Didn’t:

What Didn’t One-time events Scheduling College Students Parking Assessment

Face-to-face vs. Webinars Your Experience?:

Face-to-face vs. Webinars Your Experience? Face-to-Face (F2F) Webinars


Face-to-face Strengths Richer experience Networking Brainstorming Employ collaborative learning techniques Interactivity Group work Role playing Conducive learning environment


Face-to-face Weaknesses Specific Time Date P lace Travel costs Parking


Webinars Strengths On demand Same event for less Less travel hassle Cost efficient Shorter time to market Global access Interactivity tools Archive capabilities More structure Weaknesses Can’t replace face-to-face People like real experiences Less interactive Archived – no interactivity Less sensory rich learning experience One -way nature - No interactivity

Virtual Workshops:

Virtual Workshops

Target Audience: Non Traditional :

Target Audience: Non Traditional Part time Students Usually working part time or full time Alternative Teacher Certification Students – Making a career change Family Responsibilities

Immediate Access:

Immediate Access Your time Your place Mobile devices

What’s Next? - Examples:

What’s Next? - Examples Expanding our reach with archived modules combining video, resources, quizzes, badges and certificates Blackboard

What’s Next? – Blackboard Example:

What’s Next? – Blackboard Example

What’s Next? – Blackboard Example:

What’s Next? – Blackboard Example

What’s Next? – Blackboard Badge:

What’s Next? – Blackboard Badge

What’s Next? – Blackboard Badge:

What’s Next? – Blackboard Badge

Blackboard Resources:

Blackboard Resources Creating a Custom Achievement in Blackboard https :// Quick Hit Video - Achievements https ://   Help file on Achievements achievements

What’s Next? – Proprof Quiz Feedback:

What’s Next? – Proprof Quiz F eedback

What’s Next? – Proprof - Notification:

What’s Next? – Proprof - Notification

What’s Next? – Proprof Certificate:

What’s Next? – Proprof Certificate


Questions? Dr. Carolyn Awalt [email protected]