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Growing Quality Matters In An Online Organization: A Grass-roots Approach:

Growing Quality Matters In An Online Organization: A Grass-roots Approach Center for Online Learning, Teaching & Technology Edgar Gonzalez, Director of Distance Education Dr. Ram de la Rosa, Assistant Director for Instructional Technology

The Background:

The Background Limited number of Online Programs (through UTOC) Online courses based on faculty and COLTT’s best effort Instructional design support driven by Status Quo Steady moderate growth of online offerings (courses only)

“Institutional Culture Trumps Strategic Planning”:

“Institutional Culture Trumps Strategic Planning” -President Rich Cummins Columbia Basin College

The Challenges:

The Challenges Increase the number of Online courses (750 by AY20-21) Institutional initiative to offer Online Programs Previous unsuccessful attempt to bring in quality assurance standards for online courses Work with online education third party vendors (Academic Partnerships)

The Goals:

The Goals The “Change Train” is coming. All aboard! Leverage institutional initiatives & support Engage faculty in Online Education Offer competitive online programs Safeguard course quality Change the Status Quo (establish a new culture)

Institutional Initiatives & Support:

Institutional Initiatives & Support Identify a framework for quality and academic rigor Quality Matters TM Establish an institutional program to implement quality standards and best practices Implement budget model to provide incentives for Faculty Support the design and development of new online programs Put your money where your mouth is

Engaging Faculty in Online Education:

Engaging Faculty in Online Education Prepare COLTT Staff and build capacity Fostering attitude and aptitude ( will and skill) Develop Online Exemplary Course (OEC) Program $5,000 stipend for faculty QM c ourse certification QM reviewer certification How can this be facilitated by college, dept.? First step towards culture change with regards to quality and academic rigor of online education

Engaging Administration & Leadership:

Engaging Administration & Leadership Prepare Administration & Leadership Fostering attitude and aptitude Colleges and Academic Depts. engaged in online offerings Develop trust and buy-in relationships Letter of Support from Dept. Chair Letter of Support or Acknowledgment by College Dean All about student success and retention rates Reference institutional strategic plan Potential funds available for release time, SCHs Second step towards culture change with regards to quality and academic rigor of online education

Kick it up a notch!:

Kick it up a notch! From ad-hoc approach to strategic & targeted effort COLTT g uidelines and action plan for online course design and development in online programs Safeguarding quality for online programs Holistic effort – looking at the program goals, program format (accelerated vs. traditional length), program courses Understanding and addressing design/development challenges and quality concerns for courses that are part of an online program

How We Did It?:

How We Did It? Blueprinting Process 14-21 week process where the academic program meets every other week to go over different topics involving online course development N on-meeting weeks work on completing different areas of the course we have discussed on “paper” first

Upfront, Clear, and Supportive:

Upfront, Clear, and Supportive Overview Process, time and effort will take to complete the Blueprinting Process Director of COLTT College Dean Department Chair Develop a general timeline Inclusive of College and/or Dept. characteristics, demographics, activities, etc.

Blueprinting Process Overview:

Blueprinting Process Overview Overview of the process discussed with: Dept. Chair & Program Coordinator Professors COLTT Leadership Staff Timeline reviewed and distributed to department

Blueprinting Process:

Blueprinting Process

Course Blueprint Form :

Course Blueprint F orm

Online/Hybrid Courses at UTPA:

Online/Hybrid Courses at UTPA

Blueprinting Evidence:

Blueprinting Evidence Semester Traditional Online OEC-QM OL Programs Fall 2012 91.6% 91.5% 86.8% 92.0% Spring 2013 90.9% 89.5% 93.0% 95.9% Summer 2013 95.3% 94.5% 97.0% 97.1% Fall 2013 91.5% 91.2% 93.9% 97.7%

2014 Blackboard Catalyst Award:

2014 Blackboard Catalyst Award

Next Steps & Opportunities:

Next Steps & Opportunities Assessment & Evaluation of Programs (Blueprint and OEC) Strategies to measure success and/ or effectiveness of program Longitudinal analysis of courses and programs Grade distribution, completion rates, SLOs Grant, Research, and SoTL opportunities Verify if students’ personality traits and perceptions make a difference on fully online courses vs. hybrid courses. Study the relationship between Quality Matters general standard 5, level of interaction, and academic performance in online courses P ersonality traits in students’ perceptions of online and hybrid learning experiences in a predominantly Hispanic serving institution Students’ perception of quality design and satisfaction in an online course Competency-Based Education Model (long term)

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