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Creating iPad and Android Tablet Educational videos Using Your Tablet To Create Content Presenter:Jose Carrillo


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Creating iPad and Android Tablet Educational videos:

Creating iPad and Android Tablet Educational videos Using Your Tablet To Create Content


Online course In class Homework Math History English SUPER specific? "I NEED CONTENT!"

Educational Content:

Explain a complex problem Answer a question Post workflows and solutions Add commentary to photos and videos. Educational Content

Content Choices:

Pay for it Have your department graphic designers do it for you Forget about it and learn to live without any content Or... Content Choices

Content Choices:

CREATE YOUR OWN! Content Choices

Content Creation:

What can you do to create content? Content Creation

iPads and Android Tablets:

iPads and Android Tablets


Web Camera Drawing Apps Whiteboard Apps Slideshows Video Editors OPTIONS


Use the front camera of your tablet or phone to record a quick explanation, question, or discussion. Most tablets allow you to upload directly to YouTube. Camera

Drawing Apps:

Drawing Apps

Paper by FiftyThree:

Paper by FiftyThree

Adobe Touch Apps:

Adobe Photoshop Touch Combine images, edit them, apply effects. Export images or share them online. Adobe Touch Apps

Adobe Touch Apps:

Adobe Ideas Vector Graphics app Export as raster (png, jpg, etc…) Vector (ai, svg, etc…) With Creative Cloud, you can open Idea files in Illustrator. Adobe Touch Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud:

Adobe Creative Cloud



Explain Everything (iPad):

Import Videos, PDF documents, photos. Export MP4 movies, PDF Documents, PNG Images. Explain Everything (iPad)


Get an Educreate account to save lessons and upload videos. Educreate(iPad)

Groupboard (iPad/Android):

Live interactive whiteboard. Can save images and create a video with a video editor Groupboard (iPad/Android)

Slide Shows:

Desktop Video Editing Program Mobile Editing Programs Online Editing Programs Slide Shows

Video Editors:

Video Editors

Import screenshots:

Import screenshots

Import and Narrate:

Import and Narrate



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