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Educational Movie Making:

Educational Movie Making


Welcome Welcome to our Movie Making for Educators online training. So you want to make a movie but don’t know where to begin. We will cover the following topics: Equipment Planning Shooting Video Editing Video


Equipment Professional movie makers often have multiple video cameras, special lenses, lighting, microphones and other equipment to make their next hit movie. Don’t worry, you can make a very good movie using basic equipment and readily available editing software. Go to the next slide to watch a video on basic video equipment

Equipment Video:

Equipment Video

Video Cameras:

Video Cameras Let’s start be looking the most important thing that you will need when making a movie. This of course is a video camera. To learn more about video cameras and their options let’s go through some interactive scenarios.

Media Activity:

Media Activity

Scenario continued:

Scenario continued Have you picked a recording media? Still not sure? Go to the Camcorder buying guide to find out more about the many other options to look for in a camcorder.

CNET Camcorder Buying Guide:

CNET Camcorder Buying Guide

Pick a Camcorder:

Pick a Camcorder Now that you have explored some of the options for camcorders, it’s time to pick a camcorder. Go to Camcorder Finder to pick a camera that meets your needs Once you have picked a camera, see if you can answer these questions Brand/Model, Price/range, options, easy of use

CNET Camcorder Finder:

CNET Camcorder Finder

Phone Survey:

Phone Survey

Phone Survey:

Phone Survey Phone Brand/Model Carrier Video Capabilities/settings/output Why you chose this phone?

Other Equipment:

Other Equipment Tripods Microphones Lighting Cables Bags Misc


Planning Before you even start shooting your video you need to decide what you or the people in the video will be doing or saying. Professional movie makers use scripts and storyboards to make sure their movies flow and are interesting.  


Scripts A script is just the words the actors/participants will be saying. Some people are really good at talking on the spot with little to no preparation but for the most of us it helps to have something written down. The next slide will have some examples of scripts from your favorite movies and television shows.

Movie and TV Scripts:

Movie and TV Scripts

Writing Your own Movie Script:

Writing Your own Movie Script Now that you have seen some examples of popular movie scripts. Let’s find our how to actually make one. Watch the video on the next slide

Movie Script Video:

Movie Script Video

Interactive Movie Script Maker:

Interactive Movie Script Maker Now it’s your turn to see if you can make a movie script using an automatic script generator. Go to Bill Myers Movie Script Generator on the next page.

Script Activity:

Script Activity

Script from Scratch:

Script from Scratch Now it is your turn to create a script. Fill in the questions on the next slide and click submit.

Fill in your own StoryBoard:

Fill in your own StoryBoard


Storyboards Think of a storyboard as a plan for your production/movie. Storyboards can be used for projects, movies etc. You can get started creating your own storyboard by using the interactive storyboard tool on the next slide  

Online Story Board Tool:

Online Story Board Tool

Shooting the Video:

Shooting the Video You Tube Videos Image rule of thirds activity Green Screen etc. Use different vantage points Changes angles and perspectives Cut Aways Watch for Telephone poles, plants etc.

Shooting Video:

Shooting Video Use a Tripod Arms next body when holding camera Use Rule of Thirds Keep it Steady Use Wide Shots Sparingly Hold Shots for at Least 15 seconds

Shooting Video:

Shooting Video Stand squarely with feet apart

Editing Movies using Movie Maker:

Editing Movies using Movie Maker

Editing Videos using iMovie:

Editing Videos using iMovie