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High-Maintenance Relationships:

High-Maintenance Relationships INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY Published in www.pinoybisniz.com

The Critic:

The Critic Constantly complains and gives unwanted advice

The Martyr:

The Martyr Forever the victim and wracked with self-pity

The Wet Blanket :

The Wet Blanket Pessimistic and automatically negative

The Steamroller:

The Steamroller Blindly insensitive to others

The Gossiper:

The Gossiper Spreads rumors and leaks secrets INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY [email protected]

The Control Freak:

The Control Freak Unable to let go and let be

The Backstabber:

The Backstabber Irrepressibly two-faced

The Cold Shoulder:

The Cold Shoulder Disengages and avoids contact INTRASPEC MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY [email protected]

The Green-Eyed Monster:

The Green-Eyed Monster Seethes with envy

The Volcano:

The Volcano Builds steams and ready to erupt

The Sponge:

The Sponge Constantly in need but gives nothing back

The Competitor:

The Competitor Keeps track of tit for tat

The Workhorse:

The Workhorse Always pushes and is never satisfied

The Flirt:

The Flirt Imparts innuendos, which may border on harassment

The Chameleon:

The Chameleon Eager to please and avoid conflict

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