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Pramita P U et al / Int. J. of Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang Research Vol-71 2019 123-126 123 IJAMSCR |Volume 7 | Issue 1 | Jan - Mar - 2019 www.ijamscr.com Research article Medical research Ointment Extract banana stem Musa balbisiana As An Alternative Healing Wounds perineum laboratory test on rat Pramita Putri Utami 1 Bedjo Santoso 2 and Runjati 3 1 Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang / Semarang Indonesia 2 Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang / Semarang Indonesia 3 Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang / Semarang Indonesia Corresponding author: Pramita Putri Utami Email: pupututami7gmail.com ABSTRACT Background Approximately 85 of women who have vaginal spontaneous birth experience perineal trauma 52 are spontaneous lacerations. Sap of banana trees have several benefits because banana stem sap contains compounds including saponin tannin anthraquinone quinone lectin and gallic acid. Objective To determine the effectiveness of extract oinment sap of stem banana Musa balbisiana as an alternative to healing perineal wounds Method True experiment with posttest only control group design sampling using method Simple random sampling. The number of samples for each group was 6 with the total number of samples 18. Analysis of the data using the Friedman Test and continued with Kruskall Wallys. Results The Kruskal Wallis test results showed the average perineal wound healing in the intervention group was 0.00 while the povidone iodine 1.20 group and 0.80 dry wash group p value 0.011 0.05 which means the intervention group stem banana ointment povidone iodine and dry washing method have significant differences in perineal wound healing. Conclusions and Recommendations extract ointment sap of stem banana effective for alternative to healing perineal wounds. It is necessary to develop ointment extract sap of stem banana in the form of a more practical container which is a tube to avoid exposure to other substances when used. Keywords: Stem Banana Perineal wound healing. ISSN:2347-6567 International Journal of Allied Medical Sciences and Clinical Research IJAMSCR

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Pramita P U et al / Int. J. of Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang Research Vol-71 2019 123-126 124 INTRODUCTION Labor often resulting in injury to the birth canal wounds are usually mild but sometimes extensive and dangerous injuries occur. Factors that cause puerperal infection can originate from injury to the birth canal which is a good medium for developing germs. This can be caused by the mothers low endurance after giving birth poor maintenance and poor hygiene. Women with perineal trauma 60 experience pain during intercourse three months after birth and 30 experience pain for six months. 1 Based on WHO data World Health Organization in 2009 there were 2.7 million cases of perineal rupture in maternity. 2 In Indonesia about 85 of women with vaginal spontaneous childbirth experience perineal trauma in the form of 32-33 due to episiotomy and 52 are spontaneous lacerations. The prevalence of mothers who experience perineal tears in Indonesia in the age group 25-30 years is 24 and in women aged 32-39 years is 62. 1 Nationally the incidence of perineal wound infections during puerperium reaches 2.7 and 0 7 of them develop in the direction of acute infection and from cases of this infection 22-55 are caused by birth canal infections. 1 Banana plant midribs are commonly used by some people in Indonesia as medicine for wounds some of the other parts of the banana plant have been investigated for their benefits including banana plant stem extract which is useful to inhibit the growth of several pathogenic bacteria such as S.aureus. Based on the research conducted by Alisi in his research the banana contains glycosides anthocyanins tannins flavonoids and carbohydrates. 3 This compound is related to antimicrobial activity in the process of wound healing. In the scope of the clinic the principle of handling patients is nonmaleficience which is not to harm the patient. The form of ointment is chosen because it is practical not sticky and comfortable when used. The form of ointment provides a moist atmosphere to the wound which is the optimal atmosphere in the wound healing process. 4 Study Objectives To find out the banana stem extract ointment Musa balbisiana is effective as an alternative to healing perineal wound. METHODS This research is an analytical study using True Experiment design with design posttestonly control group design with the taking of research samples using the method of simple random sampling. The population reference in this study was female rats Rattus Norvegicus aged 2-4 months weighing around 150 - 300 gr the number of samples for each group was 6 with a total sample of 18 samples. Data Analysis Analysis is carried out univariate by calculating the mean maximum minimum and standard deviation values of the wound assessment instrument indicators as a result of REEDA scale and histopathological examination after treatment. analysis inferential Thiswas used to determine the significant differences between treatment groups. In the trial groups measurements were made 3 times and ratio scale data with non parametric data types so that the analysis method used was Kruskall Wallis p0.05. RESULT Univariate Analysis Epithel Cells Table 4.1 Differences in healing of perineal wounds based on epithelial cell thickness. Variabel Kelompok Intervensi Kontrol 1 Kontrol 2 P value mean ±SD mean ±SD mean ±SD Epitel 360 0707 200 0707 180 1304 0046 Kruskal Wallis test results

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Pramita P U et al / Int. J. of Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang Research Vol-71 2019 123-126 125 In table 4.6 above show the average thickness of epithel cells in ointment intervention group banana stem has the highest thickness of 3.60 compared to povidone iodine control group and dry washing group. Kruskall wallis test results showed a p value of 0.046 means that there were significant differences in epithel cell thickness in the banana stem ointment intervention group and povidone iodine control group and dry washing . REEDA Scale Table 4.5 Differences inperineal wounds Rattus Norvegicusseen from the total scale of REEDA REEDA Today Group Group Group p value Intervention Control 1 Control 2 Mean ± SD Mean ± SD Mean ± SD Day 1 1080 0837 1080 0837 1080 0837 1.000 Day 2 7.60 0548 9 40 0.548 8.80 0.837 0.011 Day 3 4.60 0.548 7.40 0.548 6.20 0.837 0.004 Day 4 2.80 0.837 4.80 0.447 3.80 0.837 0.013 Day 5 1.40 0.548 300 0.707 2.00 0.707 0.019 Days 6 0.20 0.447 1.80 0.837 1.00 1000 0.037 Days 7 0.00 0000 1.20 0.837 0.80 0.837 0.047 p value 0000 0000 0000 Friedman Test The Kruskal Wallis test In table 4.5 above show the results of REEDA scale healing in the banana gedebog ointment intervention group 30 showing average values the lowest on the 7th day with a value 0.00 while in the povidone iodine group the average value was 1.20 and in the dry wash group had an average value 0.80. On day 1 shows the value of p value 1000 0.05 meaning that there is no significant difference in the intervention and control groups. While on day 2 the value of p value 0.011 0.05 means that there are significant differences in the total scale of REEDA in the intervention and control groups on days 2 3 4 5 6 and 7. DISCUSSION Banana stem extract ointment has activities that speed up the wound healing process by influencing inflammatory cells accelerating re-epitalization accelerating the neocapilerization process increasing the formation of connective tissue on the skin so that it can be used as an alternative therapy for wound closure. 5 6 Vitamin C also has an important role in the synthesis of collagen in the formation of bonds between strands of collagen fibers where collagen is a protein that helps the formation of connective tissue in the skin of the ligament 910. While vitamin A is involved in crossing and epithelial cell proliferation. A fatty base ointment that is a mixture of vaseline albums and adap lanae that can draw more water so the wound dries quickly doesnt rot and closes the wound 910 CONCLUSION There are significant differences in the administration of banana stem extract ointment 30 compared to povidone iodine and dry cleaning method of healing perineal wounds in mice. Recommendation Future Studies can use more samples by knowing more about whether banana stem extract ointment has an antibacterial effect on wounds infected with

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Pramita P U et al / Int. J. of Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang Research Vol-71 2019 123-126 126 REFERENCES 1. Chamberlain R Chamberlain G Howlett B. The First Week Of Life: A Survey Under The Joint Auspices Of The National Birthday Trust Fund And The Royal College Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists: Elsevier 2016. 2. Mochtar R Obstetri S. Edisi 2. Sinopsis Obstetri Jakarta 2007. 3. Winadi Ja. Uji Aktivitas Antijamur Fraksi Etanol Fraksi N-Heksan Dan Fraksi Etilasetat Ekstrak Etanolik Pelepah Pisang Ambon Musa Paradisiaca Var. Sapientum Terhadap Candida Albicans Secara In Vitro 2017. 4. Prasetyo Bf. Aktivitas Dan Uji Stabilitas Sediaan Gel Ekstrak Batang Pisang Ambon Musa Paradisiaca Var Sapientum Dalam Proses Persembuhan Luka Pada Mencit Mus Musculus Albinus 2008. 5. Atzingen Dancv Gragnani A Veiga Df Abla Lef Cardoso Llf Ricardo T Et Al. Unripe Musa Sapientum Peel In The Healing Of Surgical Wounds In Rats. Acta Cirurgica Brasileira 281 2013 33-8. 6. Guenova E Hoetzenecker W Kisuze G Teske A Heeg P Voykov B Et Al. Banana Leaves As An Alternative Wound Dressing. Dermatologic Surgery. 392 2013 290-7. 7. Listyanti A. Pengaruh Pemberian Getah Batang Pohon Pisang Ambon Musa parasidiaca var. Sapientum dalam Proses Persembuhan Luka pada Mencit Mus musculus albinus. Bogor: Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan Institut Pertanian Bogor. 2008. 8. Kaplan E Hentz V Morain WD. Emergency Management of Skin and Soft Tissue Wounds: An Illustrated Guide. Annals of Plastic Surgery. 161 1992 82. 9. Azizah Ng. Analisis Ekstrak Batang Dan Akar Pisang Kepok Musa balbisiana Terhadap Proses Penyembuhan Luka .Universitas Diponegoro 2008. 10. Priesoeryanto B Huminto H Wientarsih I Estuningsih S. Aktifitas Getah Pohon Pisang Dalam Proses Persembuhan Luka dan Efek Kosmetik pada Hewan. IPB. Bogor 2008 How to cite this article: Pramita Putri Utami Bedjo Santoso and Runjati. Ointment Extract banana stem Musa balbisiana As An Alternative Healing Wounds perineum laboratory test on rat. Int J of Allied Med Sci and Clin Res 2019 71: 123-126. Source of Support: Nil. Conflict of Interest: None declared.

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