Pharmacy Career Spectrum in India

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IIMT Group of Colleges Pharmacy Career Spectrum in India Introduction Pharmaceutical products such as Erythromycinbase Cefpiramide are available for different health problems such as cardiovascular disease cancer etc. Globalization of products is witnessing a significant revolution in the Pharma industry. Professional human resources are needed in the areas of product profiling product positioning product improvement and product promotion as this can significantly improve the pharma business. Research and development groups alone can no longer drive the value of a new product. Sales and marketing teams have always had a role in a products success. Considering the financial impact of todays brands senior executives of every pharmaceutical company analyse its marketing sales and investment implications. So in the current milieu job prospects of professional pharmacists are enormous. The pharmacist is responsible for dispensing and overseeing drugs education and counselling on the appropriate utilization medications and possible complications and maintaining an adequate quality of life or wellbeing of patients / clients in the context of pharmacies and dispensaries. Necessary skill sets as pharmacists work with patients and family members individuals should be polite relaxed comforting explaining and compassionate along with the proper academic and associated qualifications.

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IIMT Group of Colleges Eligibility Considerations The basic qualifications for being a pharmacist in India are Diploma of Pharmacy D. Pharm. a two-year program and a Bachelor of Pharmacy B. Pharm. a four-year degree. The pharmaceutical curriculum requires a mix of theory practical lessons and tests and mandatory industrial / hospital/community instruction over various times based on the course chosen. To have a career in pharmacy one needs to stay up to date with information on medicines. The training in pharmacy helps you to acquire expertise unique to the position in pharmacists from top pharmacy colleges in Delhi NCR.Before one may begin to practice as a pharmacistthe application for registration must be produced by the IIMT College of Pharmacy Greater Noida is an incubator centre for MSME projects which not only encourage the students to think out of the box but also serve a bigger purpose of helping Indian economy. The extensive training of 4 years makes our students the most knowledgeable health care professionals when it comes to medicines and their use.

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IIMT Group of Colleges pharmacist. The procedure usually requires a set of written and/or oral examinations to assess ones degree of competence.There is a vast array of positions open to pharmacists upon B Pharmacy enrolment and graduating. Job opportunities for professional pharmacist Pharmaceutical companies: Pharmacy is a dynamic profession with many opportunities in medical research innovation clinical care and entrepreneurial activities. Work is not in close contact with patients but is a considerable contribution to the healthcare sector. Pharmacists are primarily involved in the creation and manufacture of medicines. They function through sectors such as science production engineering distribution packaging quality management quality assurance etc.

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IIMT Group of Colleges Community Pharmacists Pharmacist in India operate in the community and/or Ayurveda Yoga Naturopathy Unani Siddha and Homoeopathy AYUSH clinics in both clinics and hospitals as well as in retail pharmacies. Pharmaceutical companies would recompense employees well enough for their role in the promotion quality control and testing of their medications. Most of the qualified Pharmacists get placed by B pharma college in Greater Noida through campus placement. Opportunities for customized Area Pharmacists with experience in specialist fields such as consultancy clinical research product knowledge poison control and pharmacy are frequently in demand as the field progresses. Students have the opportunity to pursue a range of dual and joint degrees in combination with the PharmD to better prepare themselves for many of these specializations.

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IIMT Group of Colleges Related profession There are many careers in a domain comparable to that of a pharmacist. People seeking a career in pharmacists may also wish to explore these careers. Biochemists Biophysicists Medical scientists Pharmacy technician Physician Surgeon Nurse Conclusion : IIMT College of Pharmacy Greater Noida is a renowned B pharma college with the best placement records in Delhi NCR region. In my view IIMT COP does have all attributes and prospective students must consider this College for their D. Pharm B. Pharm and M. Pharm studies.