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Indian Board of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (IBHNLP) is Board, dedicated for the Research & Development in the field of NLP as well as to promote NLP Programs, NLP Trainings & NLP Coaching in India. Click here to read more about IBHNLP:


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NLP Practitioner Certification Indian Board of Hypnosis Neuro Linguistic Programming IBHNLP Mb. 99600 30285 www.

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NLP Practitioner New Dawn in Human Conditioning 6 Days Intensive Training in NLP Indian Board of Hypnosis Neuro Linguistic Programming IBHNLP

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NLP Practitioner Certification With Unique Combination of Free… First Time in India ✓ Life Coach Certification ✓ Training in Basics of Direct Hypnosis ✓ Training in ‘Thought Detoxification Therapy’ ✓ Training in Mindfulness ✓ Training in Peak Performance Coaching System ✓ Personal Counselling ✓ Meta Model Training in Regional Language ✓ Opportunity to become member of IBHNLP ✓ Get audio Course ‘Magic NLP’ much more ✓ Huge 35 off. IBHNLP Introduces NLP The Ultimate Way to Bring Personal Change NLP The Ultimate Way to Bring Personal Change

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Since 2000 The Indian Board of Hypnosis Neuro Linguistic Programming has been providing dynamic interactive hands on experiential training in both NLP and Conversational Hypnosis. At IBHNLP you will receive personalized attention designed to address your specific goals enhance your personal power and provide the necessary skills for interpersonal excellence. When you get training at the IBHNLP not only will you get the highest quality training with top NLP trainers but you will be participating in a dynamic community of individuals committed to making a difference in the world. Indian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming is an initiative by Sandip Shirsat. It all started with the vision ‘To Create A Better World Through NLP’. About IBHNLP

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Why Train Certify with IBHNLP ➢ Mr. Sandip Shirsat and the team at IBHNLP present one of India’s leading programs in NLP. ➢ The Advisory Board at IBHNLP Training includes expertise in corporate coaching and consulting hypnosis personal therapy and life coaching marketing branding etc. We have the broadest base of hands-on expertise of any NLP institute. ➢ IBHNLP Training’s approach to NLP combines the best of several models of NLP with current leading-edge thinking in psychology neuropsychology mindfulness and direct hypnosis. ➢ We also have a uniquely effective approach to accelerated learning through metaphor narrative and storytelling. ➢ We provide ongoing support to all our practitioners and we are going to host the largest NLP conference in India. No other institute can provide the same opportunities for ongoing development and networking.

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NLP Practitioner An Overview of the Six Day Course Topics Covered

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▪ Managing Directing Your Internal Representation ▪ One of the most important skill that will enable you to run you own brain. You will be able to control your mindset lightning like speed. ▪ Direct Hypnosis ▪ Here you are gonna learn ‘Elman Induction’ and how to seed suggestions into subconscious mind. With this you can easily program your subconscious mind. ▪ Thought Detoxification Therapy ▪ This is the wonderful therapy by which you can detox you mind just in few minutes. Here you are gonna learn ‘catharsis’ it mean empty your mind. It is very powerful mind cleansing process. ▪ Mindfulness ▪ Here you are gonna learn some advance techniques in mindfulness. Because the moment you become aware more than ninety percent problems dissolve or at least we can have deeper understanding of them.

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Awareness Choice Trust Performance ▪ Life Coaching for Peak Performance by Using NLP Tools ▪ The goal of Coaching for Peak Performance is to reduce whatever interference within present performance desired performance and allowing expression of ones full potential. Coaching helps to improve focus of attention and reduction of self-interference to achieve ‘Peak Performance’. The greater the external challenges accepted by an individual team or company the more important it is that there be a minimum of interference occurring from within. ▪ Success Modelling ▪ If you want to be successful find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you will achieve the same results. And this can be done with some very powerful tools of NLP.

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Some Other Important Topics Covered ✓ NLP Presuppositions ✓ Sensory Acuity ✓ Pain Pleasure Principle ✓ Rapport Building ✓ Anchoring ✓ Communication Model with Outcome Frame ✓ Submodalities Self Image ✓ Meta Model ✓ Milton Model ✓ Time Line ✓ Beliefs of Geniuses ✓ Reframing

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The Most Important Powerful Skill you can Master NLP Patterns Welcome to the ‘Solution Land’. NLP Patterns are very useful and powerful for change work. It provides concrete techniques skills and strategies to change your life and life of others. NLP Patterns is magical realm that equips us with power tools for change transformation personal development in short it is the technology of excellence. It teaches us how the human internal world that we refer to as mind emotion personality genius etc. works. The moment we understand the structure behind it we can become owner of it. Then we can change control and direct our internal world and the result of that we can have indirect control over our external world.

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NLP Practitioner Certification Indian Board of Hypnosis Neuro Linguistic Programming IBHNLP Mb. 99600 30285 www.