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Moodle for High School: 

Moodle for High School Practical Use for Blended Learning Katie Crosslin, MSEd, CHES Duncanville High School

What is Moodle?: 

What is Moodle? Moodle is a course management system (CMS) A free, Open Source software package designed using sound pedagogical principles Designed to help educators create effective online learning communities Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

Social Constructionist Pedagogy : 

Social Constructionist Pedagogy Learners construct new knowledge as they interact with their environment Learning is particularly effective when constructing something for others to experience Collaboratively creating a small culture of shared artifacts with shared meanings Connected and separate learning behaviors

Tools Available in Moodle: 

Tools Available in Moodle Discussion forums Grade book Dynamic content generation Blogs Wikis Quizzes Chat rooms

Other Facts About Moodle: 

Other Facts About Moodle Basic idea was started in the 1990’s by Martin Dougiamas Version 1.0 was released in 2002, and 1.8 will be released in March Version 1.8 will allow different Moodle installations to network with each other Documentations, manual, and active help forum are all available online

Online Health Classes: 

Online Health Classes Lesson 1: Students learn how to search web Students search web for valid sites about 'body type' Students calculate BMI Students blog about what they have learned

Log In Page: 

Log In Page

Front Page of Class: 

Front Page of Class

Lesson Page: 

Lesson Page

Blog Entry With Feedback: 

Blog Entry With Feedback

Another Blog Sample: 

Another Blog Sample

Online Health Classes: 

Online Health Classes Lesson 2: Students learn about exercise plans from pre-selected web sites Students learn how to set goals Students create an exercise plan using calendar tool Students analyze work out plan with a partner Students follow exercise plan for a week

Calendar Tool: 

Calendar Tool

Blog Grading Rubric: 

Blog Grading Rubric

Teacher’s View of Blogs: 

Teacher’s View of Blogs

Students’ Perceptions: 

Students’ Perceptions All students enjoyed the online health classes 8 preferred online classes versus 3 that liked traditional class

Students’ Perceptions: 

Students’ Perceptions In what ways have you enjoyed using the online health class? 'It is easy, and you learn what is going on in life with other people' 'It was simple to use and the facts on things were abundant.' 'I enjoy typing and using the class to learn more about my personal health.' 'I prefer the online health class because of the flexibility of work and schedule.'

Students’ Perceptions: 

Students’ Perceptions What are the advantages of using the online health class? 'Searching online for what you don’t understand and overall more engaging 'You can go ahead and write a blog and see what other people wrote' 'You get more information and any questions you have are pretty much answered.' 'I am a visual learner….the computer gets my attention more.'

Traditional vs. Online Classes: 

Traditional vs. Online Classes Of the 3 students who preferred a traditional class, one student explained that he/she 'liked the classroom better because we have class discussion.'

Teacher’s Perceptions: 

Teacher’s Perceptions Less paper shuffling Grading seems easier Students are more engaged in learning Online classes can be offered as a reward/external motivator Lessons can be tailored to meet individual needs of students

Installing and Using Moodle: 

Installing and Using Moodle Free to download from moodle.org You will need to host it. Moodle.com has options for hosting. This part will cost money. If your school has an IT department, they can probably install and host Moodle for you. Getting them to do this is another challenge…

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